Community Event – SOLVING the BRAIN PUZZLE – 1st November

By Barry Clark


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We all have one.…but do we know how to keep it healthy? There are challenges in the way our Brain works with us, and for us, or even against us, as we progress through life. Some people have great memories, others seem very intelligent, while others may change over time. You can hear a specialist International Doctor speak about “Brain Health”, here on Bribie, with valuable insights for everyone.

This Canadian Doctor and author is visiting Bribie Island for a few days and has agreed to give a free public presentation at U3A. Dr. William Code lives on Vancouver Island in Canada and is an anesthesiologist, integrative medicine specialist, and acclaimed international speaker and author.

A medical practitioner for 40 years, he studied integrative medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona and is a leading expert in “Pain Management” and Brain Health. He has had his own 22- year journey with MS and has written three bestselling books. He is in Australia to promote his latest book “Solving the Brain Puzzle” and has kindly agreed to give a free public talk.

Free Public Talk on Bribie Island This presentation is open to the public and will be held at U3A Recreation Hall on First Avenue commencing at 1 pm on Friday 1st November. The one-hour presentation will be followed by personal Questions and Answers, and afternoon tea for $2. Booking is essential so phone U3A during office hours on 3408 1450 or add your name to the list on U3A Notice Board.

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