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On February 14th in 1975, Queen Elizabeth II instituted the establishment of an Australian society of honour specifically for the purpose of according recognition to Australian citizens and others for achievement and meritorious service.

This award is the Order of Australia and the general division of the Order has four divisions which are Companion of the Order, Officer of the Order, Member of the Order and Medal of the Order. As a means of bringing about fellowship between those who have been recognised under the award, the Order of Australia Association was established and is a completely separate identity which gives members the opportunity to participate in various events that recognise the order as well as new recipients of awards.

The Queensland branch of the association organises a wide array of events each year that include informative morning teas and lunches as well as welcome lunches for new award recipients and guests.

The Queensland Association is divided into eight regional groups, each with a convenor and the convenor for the Sunshine Coast Region (which includes Bribie Island) is Mrs Marjorie Voss OAM and, for the first time on Bribie Island, she is holding a morning tea to bring together residents from the island and nearby areas who have been recipients of an award in the Australian Honours lists.

The event is to be held at the Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club on April 12th commencing at 9.30am.

Awardees do not have to be a member of the Association to attend and all awardees as well as their guests are invited to join together for an enjoyable morning and share in this opportunity to wear one of their medals.

The guest speaker will be Dr Mick Davis AM, ASM-FPA, LMFPA, FCHSM, LFAIES, MBA who has had fifty-three years experience in ambulance administration and operations. Anyone who would like to attend this event should contact Mrs Voss either by calling her on 0419 729953 or by email to Marjorie.voss@bigpond.com to arrange registration for the occasion.

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