Books for Bribie and Beyond


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Three years ago, GemLife Engineering Surveyor Corey Passlow set out on a mission to challenge himself creatively and use his knowledge and passion for marine life to leave a positive mark on the world. After years of hard work and dedication, Corey published his first book, BOB Saving the Bay, the first in a series of books for children between the ages of two and seven. “As a surveyor, everything I do is very mathematical and scientific. I decided it was time to challenge the creative side of my brain,” said Corey.

“First I tried to write a novel but that was no fun at all, so I decided to write and illustrate a children’s book instead.” Corey’s inspiration for BOB Saving the Bay was his grandchildren, Bella, Toby and Darcy, and his lifelong connection with the ocean and interest in marine life. The books are based around BOB the loggerhead turtle and his friends, SAM the dolphin, HOS the dugong, CHOMP the shark, FRASER the whale and KOB the pelican, who all live in Moreton Bay.

“There’s very little local content for kids that’s educational and relevant to the area, so I decided to make something,” said Corey. The book focuses on friendship, learning how to appreciate individual strengths, and marine issues facing Moreton Bay. Corey said BOB Saving the Bay was made possible by the support of his family and friends.

“I wrote and illustrated the book and my daughter, who is an early childhood educator, made sure the language and concepts in the book were engaging and easy to understand.” After having the book printed, Corey and his wife decided to set up a stall at the local market on Bribie Island, and couldn’t believe the response.

“I didn’t expect to sell a single book but I sold over 30 the first day, which was great.” BOB Adult size T shirts are now available in a range of styles and designs online.

In Jan 2021, the second book in the BOB series, BOB and the baby Whale, will be released and available to purchase online