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Ever wished you could discover what it was really like to live in medieval times, even if it was just for a day? Well as it turns out, this is surprisingly possible! Since 1989, the Abbey Medieval Festival has transported visitors back through time and space to discover what life was like during the ‘middle ages’.

Located near one of Australia’s best medieval museums on the outskirts of Caboolture, this festival is an annual event enabling medieval enthusiasts to provide the “Real Medieval Experience” and showcase their passion for authentic reenactments and well-researched exhibits.

Medieval festivalsMedieval Events

This annual event takes place on an open field which is split up into various encampments of re-enactment groups from various countries and time periods. Whether you come across the base of the Knights Templar, the exotic Romani Gypsy Camp, or a whole settlement of Vikings, these amazing displays of everyday life truly provide the impression of having stumbled into a different period of time.

Everywhere you turn there is something fascinating to explore and experience. A few (but by no means all) interesting things to do and see include archery lessons, a bird of prey show, camel-rides, medieval fashion show, Viking sagas, medieval dog training and medieval art.

There are also many stores selling wonderful goods and delicious food! Despite the many attractions at the festival, the absolute highlight is the Jousting. Many men and women travel from across the globe to participate in this Jousting competition every year. This is actual authentic jousting – all dangers and risks included!


The cheering crowd, the majestic horses and the shining armour of the competitors make the jousting an awe-inspiring experience. After the excitement of the joust, there are many taverns and inns that offer wonderfully medieval refreshments to be enjoyed – anything from honey mead to venison roasts, all of which taste best when eaten around an open campfire.

Many visitors get dressed up when attending the festival, which adds to the fun and experience. It’s even possible to purchase genuine medieval costumes, so anyone can be anything they fancy for the day, whether it be a peasant farmer in simple linen tunics or a majestic blue-blood in fur-collared coats and bronze jewellery, the store holders are happy to provide.

It’s also more than worthwhile to stay after sunset when the open fires light up the tents and stalls and engulf them in a spellbinding aura from times long since past. The medieval festival is a great experience for all ages and will be held again next year on the 11th & 12th of July.

For more information and to book tickets for next year, go to https://abbeymedievalfestival.com/.

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