Financial counsellor provides his services at local neighbourhood center.

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Financial Counsellor. Finance. Neighbourhood center. Services. Bribie Island. Debt relief

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Tags: Financial Counsellor. Finance. Neighbourhood center. Services. Bribie Island. Debt relief

Meet the Volunteers

MIKE DANIELL – Financial Counsellor

When I began this series about the many dedicated volunteers who ensure that the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre is able to continue operating the diverse range of services that are offered there, I featured qualified financial counsellor Peter Dallimore and told about how his advice has been responsible for improving the situation of those who seek his help.

Sadly, there are signs that there is an increasing number of people, not just locally, who are experiencing difficulties with their finances and, as part of the help with these problems that are available at the Neighbourhood Centre, Mike Daniell volunteers his services on Monday and Wednesday each week.

Mike came to our island sixteen years ago and from what he told me about his time here, I would have to describe him as a man who is passionate about being able to help others. He Has been a long time volunteer at the Wallum Action Group Community Nursery and was keen to offer his services when Peter Dallimore needed assistance with the Debt Relief Program.

Originally from England, Mike told me about when he left his home country. ‘I left England at Christmas time and it was snowing there,’ he said. ‘When the plane landed in Darwin, I walked onto the tarmac and it was almost like the plane had taken a detour straight to hell, it was just so hot,’ Mike said.

In his role at the centre, Mike dedicates his time to helping people resolve issues associated with overdue debt and budgeting. He explained that it is very often the case that by organising a payment plan with creditors, he is able to make a difference to people’s problems and therefore help them to feel just that much better about their situation.

‘We never turn anyone away and no matter what their problems are, we always try to be of assistance,’ said Mike. ‘When I am able to help make life easier for those who are experiencing problems with their finances, it is a very satisfying experience,’ he added. Because of the number of people who attend the Neighbourhood Centre for help, Mike stressed that it is essential to make a booking to receive assistance with debt relief and he told me that, as it is very often the case that those seeking help leave a visit to the centre to the last minute.

‘The earlier that we know about a problem, the easier it is to resolve the issue,’ he said. As well as the very important Debt Relief and Financial Counselling services available at the Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre, there are many other services on offer.

Those in need have access to emergency relief, family counselling, the Neighbourhood Harvest program which makes food available each Tuesday morning and as well as a thrift shop which has a great range of bargains on offer, there are always courses being held that deal with a range of issues such as dealing with addiction.

The Bribie Island and District Neighbourhood Centre are open each weekday except Friday from 9 am until 3 pm and is situated at 9 Verdoni Street in Bellara.

Anyone who requires more information about the services that are available at the centre should call in for a chat or give them a call on 3408 8440.

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