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Anyone who has visited the café at the rear of the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre or perhaps spent a Sunday morning at the Vibe Markets will no doubt have seen the brightly decorated tables and benches that adorn the area and it so happens that they are all the work of highly creative Arts Centre volunteer, Debra Mieth. Having grown up in Caboolture as a member of the well known Hausmann family (parks in Caboolture bear the name of both Debra’s grandfather and uncle), Debra has a long association with our beautiful island due to regular visits here from a young age.

Featured Image(above): Debra painted all of these bright colours

After a time spent travelling the world, working as a nurse and raising children, she became a volunteer at the centre over four years ago and has become involved with several areas of operation since that time. ‘I started at the reception but have helped with tasks like hanging the pieces of art in the gallery, as well as taking on the role of co-ordinator for the “Artist of the Month” display and talk,’ said Debra.

‘I did go to art college but I really am keen to learn as much as I can about art and the various techniques involved,’ she added. Debra told me that as a volunteer, she enjoys being associated with a place where everyone is so respectful and encourages each other. As a person with a naturally creative nature, Debra operates a business which she has named “Colour Me Joy Upcycled” and sells the results of her creativity at markets throughout the region. She also operates the clothing line “Mona Dearlove”, named after her grandmother.

Creative volunteer – Debra Mieth

Anyone who would like Debra to paint up some furniture or even a mural is welcome to call her on 0402 720 598. The Bribie Island Community Arts Centre is situated on Sunderland Drive at Banksia Beach and relies on the dedicated efforts of the many volunteers there for its continued operation. Anyone who would like more information about what the centre has to offer or perhaps is interested in becoming a volunteer should visit the centre during opening hours which are from 10 am each day except Monday. To enquire by phone, 3408 9288 is the number to call.

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