Nougat the Fearless has Gone


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We have much loved all our pets, all our lives, but our little champion was just so different from all our previous fur children. He was the most intelligent, a true comedian, who kept us laughing each day, and gave us an unprecedented love. He even tried to catch flies, just a few hours before he died on Tuesday when his heart and breathing were so bad, we had to rush him to the Queensland Veterinary Specialists Hospital in Brisbane. It all happened so fast. We were laughing in the morning and crying at night.

Since being published in The Bribie Islander Magazine last year, we have had many wonderful little encounters with the public. Total strangers on the street, when John took Nougat for a walk, would greet him with comments like this: “Hello Nougat, you are the most famous dog on the Island.”

And only last week a woman stopped John walking with our little prince:

“Hi there, you are that dog from the Bribie Islander Magazine. How beautiful you are!” And that he was.

About a year ago, we had a lovely couple stay with us at GAIA ON BRIBIE ISLAND. Months later, there was a knock on the door and this couple turned up unannounced with this beautiful pastel in a glass and timber frame. We could not even remember their names and did not know the woman was a professional artist. They must have been here in April when the stories on Nouguie were published in the BRIBIE ISLANDER MAGAZINE and were inspired by the main photo. Klasina Manteit would not accept a payment, so I gave her an evening bag and lots of makeup I sell on eBay. I have dedicated the original pastel with frame to the QUEENSLAND VETERINARY SPECIALISTS HOSPITAL now, who have looked after Nouguie for over six years, and we will deliver it personally to them tomorrow.

We here at the Bribie Islander Magazine are very sad to hear of Nouguie’s passing, he was one very special little dog.