Pet Care – Depression

By Dr Jackie - Veterinarian - Sandstone Point

Pets and depression. Pet care. Veterinarian tips and advice.

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Tags: Pets and depression. Pet care. Veterinarian tips and advice.

Part 1

It seems to be a dirty word, but it must not be before real progress can be made in overcoming this situation that is so common today. In my former career, I was a psychiatric nurse, working as a mental health professional for some 15 years working in Sydney’s community psych system too after my brother died of a drug overdose in Kings Cross in 1981. After the psych hospitals were closed, I retrained as a Veterinarian. In 2010 the Uni of QLD awarded me a PhD in dog therapy. I am a cross-discipline mental health professional with much to say on the topic of depression. Medication is needed to treat pain including psychic pain.

Part 2

Treating pets being stalked by the “Black Dog” involves managing existing physical complaints, engaging in a predictable routine (including novelty and exercise), administering medication as prescribed and providing good nutrition. Your Vet is invaluable to involve in this process. Talking and mingling with friends who have pets often helps, but only if your pet has been habituated to other pets, which is best started from an early age. Dogs need to know they are a dog, and to spend some regular time with other dogs safely e.g. while out walking, or perhaps try out that new dog park next to the IGA at Sandstone Point. Do not put others at risk if you know that your dog is aggressive towards other dogs however (this usually stems from insufficient mingling with other dogs during puppyhood).

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