Pet care – Dogs and Wildlife

By Yvonne Bishop

pet care. Dogs and wildlife.

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We live in a beautiful part of Queensland where we are blessed to live near wild animals. Every afternoon whilst out walking I see kangaroos and at the park where I run dog training classes we have a resident possum, who doesn’t seem too concerned with dogs and there is a lot of birdlife especially lorikeets.

Part of my lessons I show owners how to teach their dogs to leave things alone and it may be food dropped on the ground or cane toads or it can even be used to stop dogs chasing wildlife. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure their dogs doesn’t chase or hurt or kill an animal.

Chasing an animal in a lot of dogs is natural instinct called a prey drive. Some dogs have been bred specifically to go after small animals such as terrier type breeds. Training your dog and showing them an alternative behaviour and rewarding them when they do the right thing may help. When out in the bush with your dog keep them on the lead. If your dog loves to chase animals or birds even on the beach keep them on the lead.

Unfortunately, I see it so often people walking along the Passage with their dogs off lead and chasing the pelicans. It is not a good idea as it raises the stress level of the animal to the point where days later they die due to shock. Or the animal may die or be injured due to running into objects or cars. Rarely do dogs catch the bird or animal but then remember poor Eric the Emu.

It is a good idea to keep dogs away from wildlife and this will also help to keep your dog safe as some kangaroos are not afraid to tackle a dog and let’s not forget our snakes on Bribie either. If you do see an injured wild animal please phone RSPCA 1300 264 625.

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