Pet Care – March 2019

By Yvonne and Dr Jackie

Dogs. Canine. Pet care.

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The Right Question

Love without agenda… that is what our pets give us. Dogs especially demonstrate the sort of attachments that humans are evolved to expect, yet our modern society often makes it difficult for us to fulfill our emotional needs. Our Pet Care pets will do absolutely anything for us… if only we know how to ask them the right question.

Dogs with jobs at airports, prisons, or with police and military, as well as assistance dogs have all been asked the right question and are sharing their amazing sensory and therapy abilities with people. Why? Simply because they love without judgment. All we have to do is ask.

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The last article was about diet and obesity and how certain foods can affect behaviours. So what should we feed our dogs? The best food is to put them on a raw diet. Their digestive system was designed to eat raw meat. This is for all breeds from Yorkshire Terriers to Irish Wolfhounds. Prior to the 1950s dogs lived on a diet of fresh meat, bones and table scraps. There were fewer nutritional problems by feeding dogs a natural, raw diet. Then, commercial pet food was developed about 50 years ago.

This is a multi-million dollar yearly business. Today processed canned food and dry kibble have become so popular and convenient but with its new health problems such as allergies due to their diet. Dog’s digestive system has been finely tuned for millions of years from their teeth, saliva to organs and intestines to process digest and absorb raw meat. Wild dogs eat not only the flesh of the animal caught but the guts and organs such as liver, kidneys, spleen, and heart.

These are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The guts may contain semi-digested plant matter which can be digested by the dog in its natural form. Last to be eaten is the bones. Happy training, Yvonne

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