Road Trip


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Hi everyone,

We are a husband and wife duo, Jono and Monique (Jonique). We have had a unique set of circumstances that allowed us to be able to sell our house and all our unnecessary worldly belongings. So we decided to trade it all in and purchase our beautiful Jeep and caravan to travel full-time around Australia, exploring all the beautiful corners of this amazing land we are proud to call our home.

We began our journey from the Gold Coast a few weeks ago and our first stop was Beautiful Bribie Island. We spent the better part of 4 days exploring every corner we could find, from Woorim Ocean Beach on the east, to Red Beach to the south and Sylvan Beach on the West all on foot and by air with our drone.

We also found a few unique land marks that caught our attention from the beautiful hand painted blue water tower in Woorim, the Iconic Thong Trees and had a lovely lunch time meal at the Pigface Seafood Cafe.

We also explored the centre of the island and found the Community Arts Centre and the beautiful Bicentennial Walks behind the centre.

Having an amazing evening meal at the Sandstone Point Hotel, while catching up with some friends we then walked down to the Oyster Shed to behold the beautiful lights on the jetty, being lucky enough to see some dolphins swimming at the end of the jetty.

The next day we then took to the water and watched the sun rise via kayak and found our own little private island to enjoy a packed picnic breakfast. Later that same day, we hired a boat from Bribie Kiosk & Boat Hire to explore the western side of the island more thoroughly and enjoyed a spot of fishing from the boat.

We were so excited to have the opportunity to spend our first week at Bribie Island and look forward to our future adventures as we keep circumnavigating Australia Follow our adventures on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @Jonique Life and we look forward to sharing more of our adventures and encouraging others to get out on the road and do as we do.

Jonathan & Monique Harris