The Strangler Fig


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On this beautiful Isle of Bribie
There dwells a spreading shade tree,
It has an interesting story
Of how it came to be.

Now every year it bears a fruit
The birds and the bats just love it,
This fruit has seeds as tough as nails
Not many rate above it!!

It’s also quite a laxative,
And any one may see,
The birds and bats will drop their load,
On any poor old tree.

Now these droppings may contain,
A seed that’s been through hell!!
And soon it may continue on,
Into a tree as well.

That seed may sprout, and soon those roots,
Will travel down the tree
There’s one beside Welsby Parade
For anyone to see.

Now as the years roll onward
They finally reach the ground,
And over time, that strangler,
Will the poor old tree surround?

So as you stroll around this isle
Just open your eyes and look,
For you will find a Strangler Fig
Around the tree it took.

– By Des Peters