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Australia is experiencing one of its hottest Summers in Recorded history at the moment.  With daytime and nighttime maximum temperatures breaking all-time records for the last century.

This extreme heatwave is hitting inland regions of the country hard and is expected to continue.  Drought-stricken areas of the country are being hit by this heatwave, creating desert like conditions for most of the outback country.

Featured Image(above): Australia the hottest place on the planet. Image: Windy -Black 40ºc+, orange/red 30ºc+, blue 0ºc, pink / purple -5ºc, brown -20ºc or lower.

Last night saw some of the most extreme temperatures for night time, while a few days ago some areas experienced nighttime temperatures of around 40c.

Yesterday, Australia was the hottest place on the planet, with temperatures exceeding 45c.

Hottest night in Australian History – Breaks all-time records

Some temperatures from last night:

• Noona (NSW) 35.9ºc – NEW Australian Record!!
• Borrona Downs (NSW) 35.6ºc – Tied Australian Record!!
• Delta (NSW) 34.2ºc
• Tibooburra (NSW) 34.2ºc – New all-time record
• White Cliffs (NSW) 34.2ºc – New all-time record
• Moomba (SA) 33.4ºc – Hottest night in 15 years
• Oodnadatta (SA) 33.4ºc
• Fowlers Gap (NSW) 33.3ºc – New all-time record
• Cobar Airport (NSW) 33.2ºc – New all-time record
• Ballera (QLD) 32.9ºc – Hottest night in 13 years
• Birdsville (QLD) 32.8ºc
• Cobar (NSW) 32.6ºc
• Giriliambone (NSW) 32.6ºc
• Mount Hope (NSW) 32.2ºc
• Condoblin (NSW) 31.5ºc – 0.1ºc shy of the all-time record
• Smithville (NSW) 31.5ºc
• Windorah (QLD) 31.1ºc
• Yanco (NSW) 30.9ºc – Hottest night in 9 years
• Brewon (NSW) 30.9ºc
• Broken Hill (NSW) 30.4ºc
• Mulurulu (NSW) 30.4ºc
• Narrandera (NSW) 30.4ºc
• Walgett (NSW) 30.3ºc
• Ivanhoe (NSW) 30.2ºc
• Roxby Downs (SA) 30.2ºc
• Coober Pedy (SA) 30.1ºc

Source: https://higginsstormchasing.com/hottest-night-in-australian-history-smashes-records/

Yesterday’s top temperatures courtesy of Higgins Storm Chasing

Tibooburra (NSW) 48.2ºc – 0.2ºc shy of the all-time record
Noona (NSW) 48.1ºc – Hottest day recorded (short records)
Smithville (NSW) 47.8ºc
Wilcannia (NSW) 47.8ºc
Marree (SA) 47.6ºc
Delta (NSW) 47.5ºc
Oodnadatta (SA) 47.5ºc
Bourke (NSW) 47.4ºc – Hottest day in 5 years
Ivanhoe (NSW) 47.4ºc – 0.6ºc shy of the January record
Ballera (QLD) 47.3ºc
Cobar Airport (NSW) 47.2ºc – New January record / 0.1ºc shy of the all-time record
Moomba (SA) 47.1ºc
Borrona Downs (NSW) 47.0ºc
White Cliffs (NSW) 47.0ºc
Roxby Downs (SA) 46.9ºc
Cobar (NSW) 46.8ºc
Mount Hope (NSW) 46.8ºc
Condoblin (NSW) 46.7ºc – New all-time record
Fowlers Gap (NSW) 46.6ºc – 0.2ºc shy of the all-time record
Birdsville (QLD) 46.4ºc
Coober Pedy (SA) 46.4ºc
West Wyalong (NSW) 46.3ºc
Woomera (SA) 46.3ºc
Port Augusta (SA) 46.2ºc
Girilambone (NSW) 45.8ºc
Mulurulu (NSW) 45.8ºc
Leigh Creek (SA) 45.7ºc
Kapooka 45.5ºc
Brewon (NSW) 45.4ºc
Forbes (NSW) 45.4ºc
Griffith (NSW) 45.4ºc
Narrandera (NSW) 45.4ºc
Yulara (NT) 45.4ºc
Yanco (NSW) 45.3ºc – 0.3ºc shy of the January record set yesterday
Wagga Wagga (NSW) 45.2ºc

At this point, no relief is in sight, even though these conditions aren’t being experienced here on Bribie Island or south-east Queensland, spare a thought for those drought-stricken farmers.  There is also no rain in sight for the Bribie Island area for the next week at least.  There is a slight El Nino in place over Queensland which could be causing the dry hot conditions over most of Australia.

Definition of El Nino:

an irregularly occurring and complex series of climatic changes affecting the equatorial Pacific region and beyond every few years, characterized by the appearance of unusually warm, nutrient-poor water off northern Peru and Ecuador, typically in late December. The effects of El Niño include reversal of wind patterns across the Pacific, drought in Australasia, and unseasonal heavy rain in South America.

Sometimes the opposite can occur and this is called a La Nina.