FEBRUARY @ Voluntary Marine Rescue

Voluntary marine rescue

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Read further down the article for boating safety tips.

FEBRUARY @ Voluntary Marine Rescue

Training for 2018 started with a Plan and Navigate Practical Assessment. The weather was good to us and after plotting the route it was time to put it to practice on the water. Participants were:

Assessors Vice Commodore and Commercial Coxswain Liz Radajewski and Commercial Coxswain Gary Voss, and training crew Denise Inggs, Noel Wendt, Les Oldmeadow, and Ces Luscombe.

Voluntary Marine rescue Marine rescue

Denise plotting a 3 point fix(left image) and Gary explaining the finer points of
navigation with Denise (sitting, right image), Ces and

FEBRUARY 2018 – FEBRUARY RADIO ROOM STATISTICS 637 Calls, 159 vessel logons, 79 Radio Checks, 21 Vessel Assists, 71 Sitreps, 39 Requests, 5 Overdue vessels, 1 Securite Broadcasts. (to 23/02/2018) VHF calls 79%, – 27MHz calls 9%


THU 01/02 0706am – 8m ½ Cabin nonmember tow required from Pacific Harbour to Elimbah creek.

THU 01/02 1629pm – Bribie 2 searched Godwin Beach area for missing windsurfer. SAT 03/02 1234pm – 4.3m Runabout nonmember found in passage, VKR advised to secure at Bongaree Jetty.

SUN 04\02 0636am – 12m Fly Bridge Cruiser non-member had broken mooring at White Patch, Bribie 2 sent to investigate – stuck on rocks, await high tide to re-float.

SUN 04/02 0915am – Large wooden structure floating just South of the Bribie Bridge, removed.

WED 07/02 1215pm – 5.2m Tinny nonmember out of fuel, required tow from Ningi Creek to Spinnaker Sound Marina.

THU 08/02 1505am – 4m Tinny nonmember with engine problem required tow from Wright’s Creek to Bellara Ramp.

FRI 09/02 0822am – 5m Centre Console member with fuel pump problems, required tow from Spitfire Channel to Spinnaker Sound Marina.

SAT 10/02 0711am – 5.5m ½ Cabin member with gear problem, towed from Curtain Reef to Redcliffe.

SAT 10/02 0830am – 5.5m ½ Cabin member with motor problems, required tow from Tangalooma Wrecks to Bellara Ramp.

SAT 10/02 1243pm – 5m ½ Cabin member towed from entrance to Caboolture River to Beachmere.

SUN 11/02 1010am – 5.8m Cruiser member, motor overheating required tow from North of Skids to Pacific Harbour.

SUN 11/02 2108pm – 12m Yacht member, broke anchor South of Bridge, resecured emergency mooring.

MON 12/02 0643am – 7.3m ½ Cabin new member with motor problems required a tow from Bellara beach back to Bellara Ramp.

MON 12/02 0919am – 12m Pontoon Catamaran non-member, with both motors damaged, required tow from Tangalooma Resort to Brisbane Shipyards.

THU 15/02 1244pm – 11m Clipper nonmember broke mooring and drifting into Bribie Bridge, resecure on mooring North of Bridge.

SAT 17/02 0825am – 3m Jet Ski nonmember with motor problems required a tow from beach at Tangalooma to Spinnaker Sound Marina.

SAT 17/02 0959am – 3m Jet Ski nonmember with motor problems required tow from Cowan Cowan to Tangalooma.

SAT 17/02 1227pm – 10m Houseboat nonmember with motor problems required a tow from Pumicestone Passage to Spinnaker Sound Marina.

SUN 18/02 1136am – 4.2m Tinny nonmember can’t drop leg, required a tow from entrance to Pacific Harbour to Bellara Ramp.

SUN 18/02 2143pm – 5.5m Inflatable Centre Console non-member overdue, investigated and found at Bulwer, returning tomorrow.

TUE 20/02 1119am – 11.5m Trimaran nonmember required a tow from Turners Camp to Bongaree.


Friday 2nd February – Sunday 4th February 2018.

Once again our Social Committee catered for this annual planning meeting at the VMRBI Base.

Monday 19th March – Saturday 24th March 2018,

The Yamaha Variety Jet Trek is held each year to raise funds to empower children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs to live, laugh and learn. Participants will experience an action-packed and fun fuelled week as they motor from Sydney up along the stunning northern NSW coastline, finishing in Yamba.

Along the way, they’ll take in sensational scenery all while raising funds for kids who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs. In true Variety style, participants can expect to experience an event jam-packed with fun, colourful moments, highlighted of course, by visits to children and schools en-route.


Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue

The Voluntary marine Service Bribie Island members enjoy a get together for the local happy hour.

The following items and activities were discussed and agreed at the Management meeting held on 24 January 2018.

Key issues included:

1. Secretary Noel Wendt tendered his resignation due to travel commitments and inability to give 100% to the role. John Hammond was appointed to fill the casual vacancy.

2. Quotes are being obtained for a replacement VMB Bribie 4×4 vehicle. Once costings are confirmed, a grant will be sought for an appropriate vehicle most likely a dual cab utility.

3. The reciprocal rights program has now started and will include all VMR’s from Gladstone to Pt. Danger. The squadron where the vessel is from will be contacted to seek permission to tow a broken down vessel.

4. New top ropes have been installed on all vessels. Bribie One was booked for a 1000 hour service on 30 January and Bribie Two 600 hour service on 31 January. Bribie Three has been booked in for a refurbishment on 31 March. A grant of $10000 from the Department of Infrastructure — Better Community Fund (via Susan Lamb MLA) will go towards the project. An additional grant should be available soon to cover the total costs.

5. The total number of crew (including trainees) is now 44, made up with 8 Coxswains, 4 Senior Crew, 16 Competent Crew and 16 Crew.

6. Four new trainees are currently on preliminary training as Radio Operators.

7. 58 new members were endorsed. We now have 1332 financial members on the database.

8. Revised drawings have been produced for the base entry beautification scheme.

The project was approved in principle by the committee.

Voluntary marine rescue


Despite inclement weather, Sunset Drinks was well attended and the ladies of the Social Committee provided a lovely meal of crumbed fish and salad for the princely sum of $5.

Music was provided by Trevor Botham and there were 2 raffles for $20 vouchers.

Voluntary marine rescue

Commodore Nathan Gundry welcomed all members and guests to the first Sunset Drinks for the year, as January’s clashed with Australia Day. Nathan thanked the ladies of the Social Committee for the wonderful meal, the Bar Staff for their service introduced the 10 new members attending and everyone else for their attendance.

Coxswain Ian Grimes won the first of the two raffles, here flanked by Vice Commodore Liz Radajewski and Commodore Nathan Gundry.

Val Jones won the second of the two raffles, pictured above with Vice Commodore Liz Radajewski and Commodore Nathan Gundry.

Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue

Trevor Botham once again provided the music and vocals for the evening.(left) and Radio Officer John Bodycombe with Sheryl Traill.(right)

Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue

Pam and Ian Grimes(left) and Peter McNamara gives Peter Morton a few “pointers”.(right)

Voluntary marine rescue Voluntary marine rescue

Joan and Dave Nichols(left) and Guest from Gemlife Peter with Arvo Jaavuo(right)

Voluntary marine rescue

Guests from Gemlife Ron and Elaine.

Own a Boat?

You can join VMR Bribie Island online at www.vmrbribie.com, phone (07) 3408 7596 or call in person at Marine Parade Bellara, and enjoy many benefits including

  • breakdown assistance.
  • vessel & contact details recorded in our database in case of emergency;
  • access to first aid, radio, navigation courses plus safety/boating information sessions;
  • regular social events;
  • reimbursement up to $100/per year for tows by other VMR/Coastguard units; and
  • overnight/weekend secure car & trailer parking at the base.


By VMRBI Coxswain Simon Middap.

Correct Use of your Lights on your Vessel or PWC (personal watercraft) while at anchor. VMRBI has noticed that some mariners leave their RED/GREEN Navigation lights illuminated while anchored at night, which is incorrect. This indicates to skippers of other vessels that your vessel is in motion, and not at anchor.

For all vessels shorter than 50m in length at Anchor at night (between sunset and sunrise) or in limited visibility, a single all-round white light is the only light required to be illuminated. This includes motorised vessels, PWCs and sailing vessels. Small tinnies with oars and kayaks do not need anchor lights but they are encouraged for safety. Vessels may show additional lights (e.g. deck lights), but NOT navigation lights when at anchor. The single all-round white light must be visible 360°.

The light must be located at least one metre above the navigation sidelights; and should as far as practicable, be on the centreline of the boat. An all-round white light should not be obscured by masts or other structures.

In a cuddy cabin or tinnie with a bimini, you must be careful that the anchor light is not obscured. The requirements about vessel lights also discusses the range of visibility of these lights. Vessels under 12 metres in length need this all-round white light to have a minimum visibility of 2 nautical miles. If your anchor light is old and faded, replace it with a new bright LED for your own safety!

Please remember, RED/GREEN lights are for use when underway or drifting, NOT at anchor. These requirements come from an international agreement known as COLREGS – the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and is enforced by Maritime Safety and Law Enforcement Authorities through Australia.

Further information on this topic can be sourced from Maritime Services Queensland https://www.msq.qld.gov.au/ Safety/Navigation-lights or watch out for VMR Bribie Island’s information sessions on boating and safety http://www.vmrbribie.com/.

Always remember to LOG ON and LOG OFF with MARINE RESCUE BRIBIE for your safety.


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