What is it like to win a prize home?


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If yours is the lucky ticket that is drawn in Surf Life Saving’s lottery, you’ll be a winner before you even find out about it. Draws are conducted under strict conditions in the Surf Life Saving Foundation offices in Bowen Hills, Queensland, and it’s usually a short while after the draw that we make the calls to our lucky winners. Needless to say, if you get a call around lunchtime on draw day, you really want to answer that one!

Surprisingly, most people are a little suspicious but are quickly convinced it’s a real call after we are able to share details of where and when they bought their tickets and their history in supporting Surf Lifesaving.

“It’s the best part of my job,” says Amanda from The Surf Life Saving Foundation, who manages the lottery draws and makes many of the winner’s calls. “Well, the best part of any job, to be honest! Who wouldn’t want to call people and change their lives in such an incredible way?”

Some are completely surprised, but strangely some of our winners feel a certain destiny. One winner of a recent Coomera prize home saw the lottery advertised on Instagram from their home in Sydney and immediately thought “That’s the one”. They bought $100 worth of tickets, and on draw day they spoke about how they just felt like this was going to happen for them, and they were moving to Queensland. A few hours later, and it was a reality. They referred to the house as “their $100 home” during the handover of their prize and couldn’t be happier.

Around half of our winners end up living in the home, and the rest either keep it for rental income or sell and invest the funds elsewhere. In anyone’s language, it’s a life-changing win.

Someone somewhere becomes a millionaire homeowner after every draw. To get your chance of being our next one, visit surflottery.com.au