Who is Songdahla?


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Songdahla is about High-Frequency Health. For the last 25 years Dianne Butler has actively shared/taught healing techniques on the Central Coast in NSW. 2 years ago, she moved to Sandstone Lakes near Bribie Island in Queensland with her partner Bruce Bubb and together they facilitate Songdahla. Songdahla is anyone who joins in and sings their song too. Together we create the new songlines for this moment in time. It could be described as a mandala of sound co-creating a world and body of love.

Songdahla share sound wellness and high-frequency healing circles and 1 on 1 session. They incorporate the music that sings you back to wellness. They facilitate house concerts, house clearings, meditation gatherings, blessings, and ceremonies. They are often found at Woorim Beach Lions Markets on the hill in Tintookie Park Jacana Ave Bribie Island held the 2nd Saturday each month.

Songdahla believes we are all connected, and our mission is to share the love, raise our frequency, and co-create a world of love, peace, and harmony. They share the message that we each do the work on ourselves and then this in turn helps your family friends and community to heal as it ripples across the planet and beyond. Be the light …

Dianne and Bruce write original songs incorporating mantra, parapsychology and light language. This talks to your soul via the Heart/Soul/Energy and assists in releasing the lower frequencies from your world. They share the music each month in group circles and meditation sessions at Sandstone Lakes.

A Gift for you…

Songdahla has a website http://www.songdahla.com.au and if you go on their mailing list you can have a free download of healing music that will assist to clear your home or workspace and raise your frequency.

The Powerful healing mantra Ho’Po’Pono In Song ~ Dianne and Bruce ~ Songdahla 2020