Animals, our eternal companions.

By Timothy Allsworth


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Tags: Animal affinity. Humans and animals.  Pets. Relationships.

Ever since humans first started to walk on this planet, we have had a relationship with our co-inhabitants.  We have hunted them for food, adopted them as pets, used them for various benefits such as warmth, tools, and many more uses.

Throughout history they have been adored and worshipped, the Egyptians considered cats as representatives of goddesses.  There were harsh penalties for hurting or killing cats.  Today we love them as pets.  Indians or Hindus consider cows as a source of strength and are prohibited from eating them.  We all love them for their milk and meat.

I love waking up and hearing the sounds of birds.  From the calming song of the magpie to the squark of the white parrot, their sounds tell us that all is well.  Birds can give us warning about impending natural disasters.  For instance, birds go quiet before an earthquake, or before a tropical storm.  The Storm Birds singing heralds inclement weather.

Animals have been our faithful companions on this long trip through time.  They co-exist with us in a natural type of balance, where we all rely on each other to survive.  Did you ever think to yourself that maybe animals ask themselves those burning questions that we, as humans, also ask ourselves?  Why are we here?  Where did we come from?  Some of you may think that animals wouldn’t be smart enough to question their own existence.  That they cant think beyond there primal instinct.  That they aren’t “self-aware”.

Animal affinity. Humans and animals.  Pets. Relationships. 

Did you ever look into the eyes of an animal, like your pet dog for instance, and feel a strange sensation that your pet knows what you are thinking, or can sense your emotions.  Yes, I think it is true that animals aren’t as ‘intelligent” as we humans are, but the word intelligence can mean many things.

I have heard so many stories about animals protecting us.  Dolphins have been known to hit sharks with their noses when a human is in danger, this has been documented and is actual fact, not an urban myth.  Whales to have also been known to protect humans from harm.  Why are they protecting us?  What benefit do they get from it?  It could be their nature, they are both a protective species, or it could be because they know that we protect them.  Dolphins and whales are both a protected species.  If this is the case then this definitely denotes intelligence.

Animals, like us, have the ability to adapt to any given environment.  They evolve into whatever is necessary for them to survive as a species.

Animal affinity. Humans and animals.  Pets. Relationships. 

The humble bee or the simple grasshopper along with just about every other insect out there both provide all other animals (including us) and plants a platform to exist.  Without them, we would slowly die out as a species, along with all life on this planet.  Think of it as a chain.  You have a plant, the bee pollinates the plants, the plants reward the bee with nectar for their food (which we also eat), in turn, we eat the plants, and also the animals we depend on for food also eat those plants.  This could be applied to any number of given scenarios.  Without bees pollinating the plants, we would have no food.  Without birds, the trees would have no means of spreading their seeds.

Animals are becoming more and more aware that humans can control our destiny as well as theirs.  They are evolving, just as we are, slowly but surely. As far fetched as it might sound, eventually, we may even be able to talk to animals in our own way in the not too distant future.  Communicate with them through technological advances or by future discoveries.

Animal affinity. Humans and animals.  Pets. Relationships. 

Nature is so balanced, almost as if it was created to be that way.  It is harmonious and fluid like a well-oiled machine.  Animals are an essential part of our existence.  Without them, we would not be able to exist on this planet. Without them, we would die out as a species.

Animals are our eternal companions on this journey through time and space, wherever we have been and wherever we are going, they will always be there, watching us, playing with us, being our friend.

Famous quotes.

  • An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. Martin Buber
  • Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Anatole France
  • If any animal is capable of unconditional love, it is surely the canine: they are forgiving, caring, life-affirming creatures who humble us and teach us to be more human and compassionate. Richard Belzer
  • Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve. Erich Fromm

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