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Native Australian wildlife. Birds. Bribie Island. Queensland

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Tags: Native Australian wildlife. Birds. Bribie Island. Queensland

Eastern Yellow Robins are small, yellow, grey and white birds which are breeding residents of Bribie Island. Forests and heathlands on the island are where they can most likely be seen. It is always a thrill to catch a flash of brilliant yellow flitting through the trees or a closer look when they land on a low branch or stump. They are 15 cm in length and found in Eastern and Southern Australia sometimes travelling some distance to the west. Eastern Yellow Robins are just one of the 19 species of Robins found in Australia.

The only other Robin likely to be seen on Bribie Is the Rose Robin which is a very rare visitor. Pale Yellow Robins are a similar species but are not likely to be seen here. When feeding, they sit on low perches and pounce on their prey which might be insects, worms or other invertebrates. Most of their food is found on the ground. Generally, they feed alone but sometimes there may be more than one hunting together. It is not unusual when picnicking in the bush to have an Eastern Yellow Robin appear and expect a handout. They often perch on the side of a tree trunk.

Native Australian wildlife. Birds. Bribie Island. Queensland

Eastern Yellow Robin

Spring is the favoured breeding season with sometimes three clutches being produced. Females build the nests in the forks of trees usually up to 5 m above ground but sometimes going as high as 15m. This takes about a week to achieve. Two to three blue spotted eggs are laid and incubated by the female. Nests are cup-shaped and built of bark and grasses woven together with cobwebs and lined with soft vegetation. Some nests are decorated with lichens and mosses.

While the female is on the nest she is fed by the male. Both parents tend to the chicks, often with the help of other family members. Male and female Eastern Yellow Robins are similar in appearance with the female being a little smaller. In some areas, they accompany Superb Lyrebirds when feeding and share the fruits of the Lyrebird’s diggings. In 1790 just two years after Australia was first settled was the first time a paper was published on the Eastern Yellow Robin.

Native Australian wildlife. Birds. Bribie Island. Queensland

Perched on the side of tree trunk

George Shaw a naturalist in London was sent many specimens of Australian fauna and among them was an Eastern Yellow Robin. Australian Robins are not related to the European or American Robins. Conservation status is secure.

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