The last issue of The Bribie Islander featured our pet the Owl, Dog, and Cat eating out of Bunnykins dishes. The editor wanted to know more about the story behind the picture. The owl was the victim of a hit and run and friends brought him over to us as they had three dogs and thought he wouldn’t be safe with them. We took him to the vet who treated his broken wing.

Featured image(above): Owly hiding

Initially, we housed him in a cage but then let him roam around the yard as the cat and dog left him alone. We fed him meat covered in feathers given to us by a neighbour who kept birds. He escaped on one occasion and two boys found him wandering through the park and took him to the vet who said: “I know this owl” and we were delighted to answer the door to find the vet and owl.

Caged Owl

Our neighbours brought him a mouse to celebrate! When he died I didn’t bury him deep enough and the children ran in very excited saying “Owly is back”. The dog had dug him up and he was lying on the back lawn, stiff as a board with legs in the air. He was hastily reburied. We lived in Campbelltown at the time and I have included some more photos of Owly.