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Dear Editor, The P.M. has promised $20,000,000 to perform miracles in the Longman electorate and they are all good. I spoke with both the federal and state LNP people about when will Bribie road at King John creek be raised so thousands of us don’t have to use the Old Toorbul Point Road every time Bribie Road floods. I was told that planing may commence in 2020 and it is the responsibility of the State Government Main Roads Department to action, all it needs is a temporary deviation around the present site while it is raised, should only take about 6 months not 10 years, go to it Anna, do Susan a favour. Kev Breslin, Bongaree

Dear Editor, As one of Bribie Island’s Older residents, I was saddened to see the display of bad manners by our Prime Minister last Friday at Sandstone Point Hotel. As part of his tax-payer funded campaign for his candidate in Longman, he visited the hotel and was questioned by a local lady about various issues, which obviously were discomforting and which he did not want to address. His response was to slide away, grinning and exhorting his candidate to leave the contentious lady because there were “some young people wanting to have photos taken”.

The emphasis was on “young”. Now, Mr Turnbull, it is becoming more and more apparent that you are quite content to pose for “selfies” and only be around people who agree with you. Younger people. Not the outspoken “oldies” who do not stand in awe of your position, but judge you as a man. Your response to the by-election results again falls short of displaying any character. Why put up a candidate if you expected that the previous sitting member would be re-elected? Why subject us to months of campaigning, expenditure and tiresome spite if you “knew” that the so-called 98-year-old tradition would be upheld. I am at a loss to pinpoint just when our parliament became such an ill-mannered slanging match between elected members.

Call me old-fashioned (or even just “Old”) but when I was at Primary school (many many years ago) we were taught in “Civics and Morals” that the majority ruled and respected the minority in our government system. In this current day and age, we are constantly celebrating the values of courage, sacrifice and mateship of the fallen in war. You are happy to praise our staunch, brave national character, but gosh, you are the last person I would hope was looking after my back in a tight situation. Perhaps a few snide words and a selfie are the newly accepted marks of manhood?

Being old, I am a little out of touch. I look at photos of my family members who fought in the wars, raised families, worked hard all their lives and were good mates to all around them They might not have had the education, privilege and sarcastic wit of you and your “mates”, but they were the solid and loveable foundation of this country’s values. Their innate decency and respect for others would never have permitted behaviour such as yours. Grace and dignity are the words that spring to mind. So smile and pose, Mr Turnbull… ignore the messier realities of life. May your narcissistic ill-mannered self-interested “mates” have your back when you need them.

D Williams Morning

Dear Editor, Just wanted to share we drove down on the beach Friday evening and look what greeted us, have some amazing pics of this beautiful New Zealand fur seal I believe? Always amazing here at Bribie.

Thanks, Hailey Voke

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