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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Re Tree complaints to Moreton Bay Council Customer complaints – 119,000 in 8 months. My request to remove a dangerous tree took Council 5 years to finally act after much false information given why the tree could not be removed. Of the 4,963 complaints to Council re tree problem, I believe that ratepayers would be interested to know how many of the complaints were resolved; how many trees were removed; how many replacement trees were planted; what species of tree (common name thank you) were most complained about. The article lists 12,632 specific items of complaint. What were the remaining 106,366 complaints about?

Thomas J Mahon, Banksia Beach

Dear Editor,

As most readers will be aware, income tax is charged on all company profits at the company rate before such profits are distributed to shareholders. Consequently, all dividends have already been taxed at the company rate prior to receipt by shareholders. Then, following submission of the shareholder’s annual tax return, a refund or credit is calculated depending on the individual circumstances. This simple and effective system to minimise tax evasion operates in many countries throughout the world. To suggest that shareholders are not entitled to a refund because they have paid no tax is patently untrue since the tax has been previously paid by the company, on the shareholder’s behalf. It is sad that the present leaders of the Labor Party seem either unable or unwilling to grasp this simple fact. In common with many other pensioners, my wife and I hold a small investment in shares to provide part of our retirement income. As a consequence, we shall be adversely affected if the changes to the taxing of dividends, currently proposed by the Labor Party, are adopted. Since my wife’s annual income is below the tax threshold, she is currently entitled to a refund of the tax, which has been paid on her dividend. Consequently, we are appalled that a major political party would seriously argue that she should no longer receive this entitlement. It is somewhat akin to denying a refund of pay-as-you go tax to someone whose annual income later falls below the tax threshold. Some months ago we wrote to the paper regarding changes to the assets test for pensioners, which substantially reduced our part-pension. We are still suffering the effects of that change to the rules upon which we based our retirement planning and could do without any further losses. No doubt other pensioners would agree.

Yours truly, Cliff Fowler, Bellara

Dear Editor,

CHEATS – The latest cricket news is absolutely disgusting. CHEATS at the highest end of our Sporting sides CRICKET Australia needs to show strong punishment of those who have brought the game and Australia under the darkest days in sporting history. Sack Smith, Warner, Bancroft, and Lehmann as a sign of cleansing this CHEATING. How many other times has this cricket team resorted to winning by cheating, I wonder? It is sad that with the money they are being paid that they resort to cheating??????

Farlie, Bribie Island

Dear Editor,

Stop the debacle; I thought I had seen it all, Smith then Warner’s half-hearted apology followed by the attempt by his wife to finish what he had tried to do. Clearly, cheats don’t make good liars or apologists. Between Smith and Warner’s tears whilst offering half-hearted apologies, I believe the current cheating episode has become a debacle. Those involved accept the punishment given and act like men. No doubt they are anticipating the loss of sponsor’s money in addition to Cricket Australia’s meted out punishment. I have no sympathy for them due to the disgrace they have brought upon Australian Cricket. Cheats never prosper and clearly not an example for our children and teenagers.

Farley, Bribie Island

Dear Editor,

I have lived on Bribie Island for over 17 years and have enjoyed the lifestyle and people. Whether that has been via the RSL Bowls clubs or other. I have been a Member of U3A (University of the 3rd Age) both in the role of member and Tutor. Over the past 17 years, I have seen the membership and classes expand to now having a membership in excess of 1700 members and a variety of Classes and Course second to none. Bribie is a place for doing as much or as little as you like, that is sunbathing on the fabulous beaches, playing bowls (indoors and outdoors). Being part of a photographic group or learning something completely new. I can only hope that Moreton Bay Council limits the population and high-rise building increase to maintain what makes Bribie Island such a peaceful place to reside or visit. Bribie simply wonderful one day and what can I say Wonderful the next. I hope that remains the same as we see ongoing pressure to car parking; both on the waterfront areas, Shopping Centre, Library, and other amenities. It would be nice to see restrictions on high-rise and population levels.

Happy Islander Farlie

Dear Editor, School Principals under mounting stress A recent Australian Catholic University report indicates that one in five school principals are overwhelmed by workplace stress, the highest level since the Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey began almost a decade ago. The survey clearly identifies growing concerns about red tape and increasing accountability requirements demanded by government departments, hindering both teaching and learning in the classroom. It should be of great concern to us all when we read about the distress our fantastic teachers and Principals face and something needs to be done. Their job is to educate our next generation, not to be pushed to the point of burnout due to workplace overload. We expect Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor to stand up for hardworking teachers and Principals and outline what they are going to do to improve this serious situation for our school leaders.

Simone Wilson Shadow Assistant Minister for Education

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