Planning Your Perfect Picnic Date


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Living on Bribie Island provides us with some sensational spots to choose from when having a picnic. Depending on if you are having a family or a romantic outing for two, you may have to scout around as you certainly don’t want to be on a romantic date and have a game of footy happening behind you. Getting a football to the head would undoubtedly spoil the mood.

Now if it is a romantic picnic you’re going for, a beautiful picnic blanket is a must! A couple of pillows to sprawl against, a picnic basket full of sumptuous foods, a bottle of wine, a vase full of fresh wildflowers and the scene is set. You may want to think about taking a small radio with you for some soft tunes in the background or maybe the sounds of Mother Nature work better for you.

Either way, there is nothing better than relaxing on a blanket with your loved one, watching the sun flicker through the trees with the warm ocean breeze on your skin and the calming sounds of the water lapping on the shoreline. How lucky we are to have this as our backyard!

When planning your picnic, you do have to consider some essentials. Bug spray is a must! A citronella candle will work to some degree, also creating a nice ambience, especially if you are having a sunset picnic. They have advanced a lot these days and you can get some nice scented ones.

To get you started I have put together a list of things that I consider essentials for your romantic picnic to be a success.

FOODS TO CONSIDER (Nothing too filling as you don’t want to feel bloated)

  • Bite-sized fruit like strawberries, grapes and watermelon.
  • Chocolate dipping sauce (to go with the fruit snacks)
  • Skewers – I love bocconcini, cherry tomatoes, pancetta all drizzled with basil paste.
  • Camembert or any soft cheese, dip and deli meats platter
  • Fresh prawns and seafood sauce
  • Wine or a nice beverage


  • Start with a great picnic basket! Complete with plates, cutlery, wine glasses and a corkscrew. Mine also has sauces, salt and pepper and paper towel.
  • A Large picnic blanket and some napkins to match. Pillows are great as well.
  • Bring an esky or ice packs to keep perishable items cool and to chill your wine or other drinks.
  • Breadboard or a tray to set your goodies out on.
  • Wet wipes and garbage bags are good to have for the clean-up
  • Sunscreen You are now all set to go and relax on our stunning Island, spend quality time with your loved one and make it a beautiful memory to cherish forever. ENJOY!!!!