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By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Joy flights. Bribie Island. Brisbane

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Tags: Joy flights. Bribie Island. Brisbane

There are some people to whom aviation is their source of income, others who simply rely on aviation as a means to travel quickly from one place to another and then there are those who more or less live and breathe all things aviation. One of the latter is student pilot, TAVAS volunteer and founder of Aviation Lovers Qld, Katherine Seitz. Katherine explained that her initial step toward being addicted to flying was as a young girl when her family relocated to Queensland on an Australian Airlines flight in 1992.

Featured Image(above): Ready for another lesson

‘From that time on, my brother and I used to spend a lot of time plane spotting, looking for Australian Airlines planes,’ said Katherine. ‘Although I enjoyed spotting, I began to develop a slight fear of heights due to having almost fallen out of a roller coaster. I guess that you could say that whilst my interest was still there, I went through a bit of a hiatus until, for my thirtieth birthday, my husband Cliff organised a joy flight in a Tiger Moth ( the Contessa which featured in this series)and re-kindled my passion for flying but I have to admit that I had my eyes closed during take-off,’ she told me.

Joy flights. Bribie Island. Brisbane

Passionate about aviation – Katherine Seitz

From the time of her Tiger Moth experience, Katherine became what I would describe as a totally dedicated aviation enthusiast and as well as beginning to collect mementoes and taking every opportunity to go for a joy flight or, as they are now known, an adventure flight, she became a regular visitor to air shows. She said that, after becoming aware of the lack of public information on when and where air shows and other related events were happening, she decided to start her Facebook page/group, Aviation Lovers Qld as a forum where these events could be posted.

‘I couldn’t believe how many events there are,’ said Katherine. ‘I try to attend as many as possible and I have to say that my husband Cliff is a wonderful support, taking photos of me when I want one with one or other of the pilots or aircraft. I have been lucky enough to meet people such as Paul Bennett and Matt Hall,’ she remarked. As one would expect, the natural progression from Katherine’s passion would be to take her place alongside those who are entitled to wear a set of pilot’s wings and in 2017 she began working toward that goal by taking flying lessons at the Redcliffe Aero Club.

Joy flights. Bribie Island. Brisbane

A sample of Katherine’s collection

‘Flying gets in your blood and once that happens, it’s hard to think about anything else,’ Katherine pointed out. ‘I have started to become very interested in aerobatics and I would love to eventually fly in the Paul Bennett air shows,’ she said. I mentioned earlier in this article about Katherine’s hobby of collecting aviation related items and she told me that so far those are mainly from the airlines. ‘ I have so much in the collection that we are setting up another bookcase in order to have more on display,’ Katherine told me. ‘There boxes and boxes full and one day I would like to open a small museum with everything that I have been able to collect,’ she said.

Katherine Seitz would have to be one of the most passionate aviation enthusiasts that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and she admits that she would happily talk about the subject all day. To find out more about Aviation Lovers Qld, just search for the group on Facebook or, if you would like to meet Katherine, she volunteers at TAVAS (The Australian Vintage Aviation Society) on Thursdays. The TAVAS Museum is situated on McNaught Road at the Caboolture Airfield and is open from 10 am on Wednesday to Sunday.

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