The most outstanding Mathew Flinders Art Prize in the history of the event

By Neil Wilson - Sub Editor for the Bribie Islander

Art Prizes. Awards. Artists. Bribie Island. Brisbane

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Tags: Art Prizes. Awards. Artists. Bribie Island. Brisbane


Following on from what can best be described as the most outstanding Mathew Flinders Art Prize in the history of the event, the walls of the Mathew Flinders Gallery will be filled with entries in the Next Generation Art Prize featuring works by those in the 8 – 18 age group. The prize monies over all age groups add up to a total of $2,550 and the event will be on display in the gallery from August 22nd until September 9th with the official opening being on August 25th.

Featured Image(above): Lydia Bonastre painted this image of Woorim as a present
for her mum Fabienne

The standard of the entries in the 2017 Next Generation Art Prize was nothing less than outstanding and, if the work of one particular competing artist is an indication of what we will see this year, the judges will not find it easy to make their decisions. Year eleven Bribie Island High School student Lydia Bonastre has entered two of her works in the Next Generation Art Prize and I recently had the opportunity to talk to her about her passion for art and how she has developed her skill with the brush. ‘I have always been interested in art and, like many artists, I used to draw when I was very young.

When I was in year four, I began taking lessons from local tutor, Greg Cannon,’ Lydia told me. ‘I have been getting lessons from him ever since. I normally work with acrylics and the majority of my pieces are landscapes,’ she explained. Lydia pointed out that when in the process of creating one of her paintings, she likes to concentrate on attention to detail and her mum Fabienne remarked that when Lydia is painting, she is a different person. ‘I believe that it is very therapeutic for her,’ Fabienne remarked.

Art Prizes. Awards. Artists. Bribie Island. Brisbane

Lydia’s attention to detail is evident

When I asked Lydia about her plans for the future, she said that her aim is to become an interior decorator and after seeing the results of her ability to work with colours, I think that she will be absolutely perfect for that field. The Next Generation Art Prize will no doubt attract many visitors to the Mathew Flinders Gallery, as have the many great exhibitions that have been on display this year. The gallery if a part of the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre which is on Sunderland Drive in Banksia Beach.

The centre is open each day except Monday from 10 am and anyone who would like to find out more about the many activities there or about becoming a volunteer can call 3408 9288 or pay a visit to the centre.

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