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By Nikita Chee

life philosophy

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With Nikita Chee

life philosophy

Hello beautiful townspeople of Bribie Island and surrounds! Has anyone seen the new face of Woorim’s water tower? Looking good! Makeovers are always fun are they not? Go check it out if you haven’t already.

Now, I want you to think of a river. Imagine it moving quickly: bending in narrow spaces, cascading over rocks and boulders, and then, opening up into a cool, large pool of water. Relaxing isn’t it? I would like to be there right now actually! When I think of rivers, I think of stability and peace.

Yet, the peace of a river does not always look like stillness. Sometimes it is moving at a phenomenal, powerful pace. And yet, it is not a stressful sight… I would like to think we are meant to live life like a steady, flowing river. Sometimes we are moving very quickly – rushing even.

At other times, we are very still and quiet. Having different modes of being but all the while being steady and constant. Have you also noticed that rivers aren’t just lackadaisical things? Unless they’re not receiving a good source of water, rivers are determined. They know where they going and are driven while also being open to change. They give life to others.

Never once do they change what they are: in times of drought they are a river and in times of plenty they are a river. High on the mountaintop, they are a river and deep, down low in the valley they are a river.

They do not change to please anyone. Let us as a community, work together to live and learn naturally: being constant and steady like a river and unchanging due to commercial demands but changing due to personal development.

Let us be still and enjoy the moment and enjoy the small things in the everyday Island life.

Let us also be driven, determined, moving and powerful forces that bring life to the world around us.

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