Make your Move

By Nikita Chee

life philosophy

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Life Philosophy

With Nikita Chee

Hello Bribie-ites, You know that saying that goes something like, “One day I will…”. Or, “One day soon I’ll…”. Or just simple, “One day…”. What’s with that? Why do we say One Day? Whatever, that One Day, is about, it must be something we really want to do, otherwise, we wouldn’t say it. But why put it off? It’s kinda like that assignment for uni I should be working on, “One day soon I will get to analysing that advertisement through semiotics which is promoting hegemony and Western ideology…”.

Hmmm, but Pinterest is so much more fun! Anyway, what I’m thinking is that why can’t today be the day? Why can’t you be the first one on the dancefloor? Why can’t I start that new hobby I’ve been thinking about doing, today? We are such a cautious society. Always watching what other people are doing, waiting for them to make the first move before we make ours. Putting this or that off to retirement. Waiting for someone to introduce us first before we say hello.

Why are we so afraid and introverted? On the other hand, I realise that wisdom and patience are important life skills that carry through our decision making. And that impulsiveness can be a major character default. But there’s a difference between appropriate reservation and self-centeredness.

Unfortunately, people in leadership whether that be through official positions or in informal social situations (because there are always leaders at parties – you know the ones), cop a lot of flak for their outgoing-ness. I believe the reason for this being that their decisions end up affecting the lives of others in some manner, but, well, someone’s got to make those decisions right? We should give them more credit for taking steps to create life and maintain protection over groups of people and just make something happen really, especially if they do it with a sincere heart.

I suppose what I am getting at is that everyone has something to offer to the world. It might be your personality, your talent, your knowledge, skill or even just your presence. Don’t wait for someone else to share themselves first though, YOU do it. And watch the chain reaction of everyone else coming alive and the party starts! It is actually a brave and sacrificial thing to give of yourself first, and yes, it can make you feel vulnerable or even embarrassed, but you have to block that out and go for it!

You’ll begin to grow as a person and invite new people into your life. I mean, who knows where that could lead for you! I’m excited 😀 Go for it, babe. Go make LIFE! x

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