The Illusion of Away

By Nikita Chee


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“Greetings one and all, dearest and fair, mighty and little, Island-folk”.

Honesty compels me to come clean and confess my – unpatriotic to the last article – behaviour. Help, help! For I have succumbed to the pressure of summer heat and have not only been sitting in the lap of luxury but indulging in its whole being; many hours per day have I been immovable from the A/C. All this talk last time of being planet-conscious and here I am daily enjoying the pleasure of man-made cool air.

Maybe I’ll make up for it by not using the heater in winter…Anyway, I’ve forgotten what I was going to talk with you about. Hmm, Oh yes, The Illusion of Away. One thing I will carry on from our last chat is the concept of being resourceful. There’s a long way ahead of me until I become an expert on the topic, but I have my ideas and that’s why we are here. So thank you, kind local-news reader, for giving me a second shot.

Think about this: We seem to be inundated by media and general talk that persuades us to chase fulfillment in far-away places. People goggle at success, travel, and status, with the pinnacles of such mountains always in the distance and never on our doorstep.

Why are these things dangled in front of us like they’re so desirable? I can just hear some of our little subconsciousness in annoying mosquito-like voices, “Because power, popularity and overseas holidays are desirable”. Aha-ha, yes, maybe, or maybe it is the illusion that’s desirable. Are our lives that stressful and/or unfulfilling in the present that happiness is always in the future or on another continent? Something about the push, strive, the unsatisfied culture we live is disturbing and – as I hinted toward in the last letter to you all – is controlled by the ‘powers that be’.

That is, controlled via two effective methods: slavery and seduction. These methods hustle people into the need for lavish escapes through stress-driven work as well as seduce us into trying to make incarnate a marketed fantasy-life. The problem with this control is that it is forever dangling the bait in front of us and just as we seem to reach the prize, it is moved along, yet again being out of our grasp. What diligent, little creatures we are. If only we all worked for a good boss.

Well my dear co-working community members, I’m here to say that living free from control is possible! We are at an interesting time in earth’s history where, once we break-away from the platforms of mind-control, we can choose joy in a free, unstructured way unique to our personalities. Satisfaction, then, will no longer be dictated by destructive external- powers but peaceful internal-transformation. Life is not a box. It doesn’t come from a box and it doesn’t put you in a box.

True life is complete freedom and freedom is recognizing that life has not been running from you, but perusing you! Life was surrounding you all along, yet it was you that hadn’t taken hold of it yet. Never too late is it, my dears, to stop and become resourceful. Look around at what life has already placed inside your hands and in your heart. The very word resourceful is wonderful. The prefix‘re’ means to go back to, ‘source’ is where someone or something originated and ‘-ful’ is something being filled. Couldn’t that mean: go back to where something originated from and be filled with it.

And because the resource has positive life-giving connotations, you could even say: go back to the simple, original, good things of life and be filled with them. From there, you will have an abundance to keep going, keep giving, all the while, being satisfied. Moreover, if you’re rich in those simple things, then you’re as rich as you could ever be. You’d be surprised what treasures already lay in your room, your home, your street, your neighbourhood, and your community.

These treasures can give you what you need to go and be your ultimate self in the world! Best of all, you’d be surprised what treasures already lay up in your heart. I do like these topic Islanders, what do you say we keep going in the same direction next chat?

Much Love, Nikita

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