By Nikita Chee


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A few Wednesdays ago I woke up in a terrible mood. I can’t remember the specific reason why, but I do remember feeling overall a dull shade of grey. My usual things that bring me happiness just weren’t sparking as they would do normally so my mother – being heaven sent – decided to take me on a drive. We didn’t reach a destination but just drove through some streets branching off Bribie Island road I’d not been down before. At the beginning of the drive, I didn’t even have the energy to look at mum when she spoke or look around at the beautiful scenery.

I just stared blankly out the window looking at whatever fell into my direct view. Joyful eh? Anyway by the time we reached home again I was feeling a tad lighter and seeing all the properties and their gardens made me want to spend time with my plants nurturing them. I have a collection of tropical and indoor plants which usually have big leaves. The leaves catch dirt, fluff and sometimes pests so I thought I’d spent the next little while cleaning each individual leaf with water and a Chux and applying white oil for protection and sheen. I put on some calming nature music and away I went.

As each hour went by I could feel my spirit lifting once again. The slow process of paying close attention to the leaves steadied my thoughts and the beauty of plants and their unique markings filled my soul with colour. Three hours went by and the process was complete. Not only were my babies looking healthy and clean but I felt back to normal and happy again! I’ve always loved plants and gardening but that little moment made me appreciate them just that little bit more.

I suppose my dear Islanders, I’m realizing that pursuing peace doesn’t have to be some mega mission. It’s in the simple cost-free things that peace can be found in plenty. Moreover, and maybe not so liked, it can be found in discipline. Repetitious, focused, diligent discipline. There is a necessary place where happiness can be found in fun. But it is in the everyday healthy hardworking simple habits of life that steady joy rests in.

When we put our lives into balance (and we all know our areas we need to work on) then peace arrives into our hearts. Our breathing is steady and deep, thoughts align, eyes closed with relief and a gentle smile emerges. Until next time Islanders, Remember to eat your citrus during these cooler months, breathe in the salty sea air and get some sunshine onto your skin. Xo Nikita

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