By Nikita


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Bonjour my lovelies, Well the holiday season is now over and the everyday becomes the everyday again. But of course beloved readers we now know that that the everyday can be the magical if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. A few weeks ago I ended having a bit of a back and forth discussion on this kind of reality with a stranger on Instagram. We’re actually friends now, but for a while there I thought this correspondent was a very immature, arrogant person.

Here’s the scenario: I had been perusing through some old James Bond clips in order to stalk the fashion that Bond and his co-stars wore – as you do – when I came upon some disturbing script. Bond was invited into an Asian beauty salon by some sort of male authority where several girls were ordered to strip the men of their shirts and wash them. With loofahs. It still grosses me out. Not the fact of the washing, it was the way the women were handled as if they were mindless robots there for the sole purpose of the male’s hygiene. Yuck! Anyhow, I couldn’t just sit there and watch that and read the many comments from other male specimen applauding the greatness of the scene.

Due to the lack of a female voice on this disgusting piece of evidence, I decided to make a comment. Which ended up being a few comments as the rebuttals came in. I first stated that ALL women were Queens and that the fact men still think it’s ok to see females like this is sickening. In return, I got told I need to get back to reality and that these girls were, ‘just spa girls’. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Are we still basing our idea of worthiness and royalty out of outdated systems? We should know by now that class is not derived from lineage, inheritance or money.

Class is much deeper than that. I suppose only they that have class revealed in them can understand what it is. A few passionate arguments later and a mutual agreement on world peace and a place where men and women reigned equally was passed. The thing that this interesting segment taught me is that people are so ready to accept pre-ordained reality. Why would I, ‘come back to reality’, when the reality I live in makes a lot more sense, makes me happy and gives others a level of respect your world couldn’t ever give. So people, I tell you: dream big and hustle for your goals but make sure they are your own, not a copy and paste. Don’t settle for the standard, be completely your own and show it off to others. Nikita.

A highly successful sales and leadership career working in a number of different and very competitive industries. Engaging with decision makers at all levels in business and government. Three decades employed by corporations, SME businesses in senior roles and almost twelve years operating as a freelance contractor has equipped me well for all aspects of business. Whether leading and mentoring sales teams, or in a direct sales role I enjoy the challenge to meet and exceed expectations. Making a real and tangible difference in either a team environment or as an individual is an important personal goal I have consistently achieved throughout my career. In all of my business and personal dealings over the years there is one issue that stands out above all others - communication. Excellent communication skills creates trust, helps with mutually beneficial outcomes and above all cements long lasting positive relationships. I strive everyday to communicate effectively with the people I encounter.


  1. Hi Nikita,

    I applaud your sentiment that women should be treated as Queens and not domestic (or hygienic!) slaves. Whose “reality” are these guys wanting you to get back to? The reality that domestic violence is the most prevalent crime on the island, or the 1950s mentality of women staying “barefoot and pregnant” to keep their men happy?? (gag, vomit!)

    I love your outlook on life including your writings about finding peace in your latest article in the Bribie Islander. You write: “Pursuing peace doesn’t have to be some mega mission…. it can be found in discipline. Repetitious, focused, diligent discipline. …it is in the everyday healthy hardworking simple habits of life that steady joy rests in.”
    That is so beautiful and I couldn’t agree more.

    I find peace in walking my dogs, watering the garden, even work. People think you have to be some kind of yogi on top of a mountain deep in meditation to find peace or bliss, but I find my peace and bliss in the strangest places. Sometimes it is just cuddling my dogs or reading a book.

    Thank you for your excellent insights.