Bribie Island & Moreton Bay Fishing report and tide times Jan – Feb 2020

By Vin Donovan


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Over the last few decades of recording my fishing trip results and weather patterns, has given me an insight into what’s biting when and how different weather patterns affect fishing. This is the same story with weather study’s and climate change studies in Australia.

I mean in reality, Australia has only 240 years of history. Probably with only maybe 100 years of credible weather pattern observations and recordings. Mother nature will throw floods, torrential rain, cyclones, tropical lows and Gale force winds to one part of the country, and searing heat, unprecedented devastating fires and strong quick-changing fronts to the other.

It’s so devastating to look at the amount of some of Australia’s last remaining pockets of rainforests and bushlands burning on the live Himawari 8 satellite imagery. The smoke and intensity of these blazes creating their own storm cells and weather systems. The smoke these fires produced was seen from outer space, and also the massive smoke cloud has orbited the earth.

The animals that called these last remaining pockets of forests home did not have a chance. It’s an absolute catastrophe. Another tragic and unfortunate situation that’s occurring at present is the health of our heart and lungs of our earth, the ocean. The ocean’s health is paramount as more studies have indicated how important it is to ensure that we look after these precious areas.

The oceans and bays, seagrass beds and mangrove forests perform an amazing job at absorbing co2 and heat. So, the health of the ocean affects nearly every single organism in life. Over the next decade or so if this matter isn’t taken more seriously, then it’s really going to turn bad for The Great Barrier Reef and Moreton Bay and the Fraser coast marine parks.

The science is once again in black and white, so how long can the ocean survive this constant attack from numerous sources throughout the world. Well, no human on earth will be able to give you even an approximate time frame, and with too many variables and other factors which will influence the next few decades hopefully, things get better. Now to the fishing around the area.

Bribie Island & Moreton Bay Fishing report and tide times Jan – Feb 2020

In the passage, the recent rainfall has pushed some beautiful muddies out of there holes and into the passage. They are always easier to catch after some decent rain as they don’t like freshwater.

The fishing in the passage has been awesome with grassies, Moses perch, cod, flatty’s, whiting, mangrove Jack, javelin fish, mackerel and sharks getting taken. The coffee rock ledges, the bridge, 112s, Bongaree jetty are good places to start. The passage has 100s of prime spots to fish and crab.

Good sand crabs coming from the passage and bay. The mackerel have been thick in the bay with float lining pilly’s in a burley trail, jigging the beacons, or casting lures to the schools is a good way to catch a few.

Offshore the pelagic have been smashing lures and swimbaits. Hutchies, wide Caloundra, tempest and the canyons are all producing quality fish. Expect dolphin fish, tuna, marlin, wahoo and mackerel.

On the reefs, the fishing is unbelievable with such a mixed variety of fish getting taken. So, with a couple more months of stormy hot weather on the forecast, keep an eye on weather fronts if heading out offshore and hopefully we will get some great days in between.

“Don’t destroy what you come to enjoy” and great fishing, boating and camping for all.

Tide Times

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