Fishing Report – August 14, 2020


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The weather has been quite favourable for the past fortnight, and there have been some very nice fish taken. Have a look at this prize Flathead of 72cm caught by Claude on soft plastics, drifting the Pebble Beach bank. Claude has caught some beautiful fish during the last couple of weeks drifting over that bank with fresh hardiheads, baby blue pilchards (which are available from Bribie Bait Tackle and Bikes), and casting soft plastics as he goes. By doing so, he covers many avenues and many species. The baby blue is out there just in case there is a tailor around, and all anglers know that the hardihead is the favourite tucker of the big Bream. It appears that the summer Whiting is showing up early. Normally we don’t see too many until about the second week in September, but traditionally over the last 40 odd years, the dyed in the wool Whiting anglers have always had a crack from Exhibition Day on. Have a look at the lovely Whiting caught by Danny’s brother, Clinton. He got 6 in total, just before the first lagoon on the Woorim beach, on our special live blood worms.

I have mentioned the sand spit on the northern side of the Pacific Harbour canal as a “hot” spot in my last couple of reports, and here are 3 good fish taken by Kegan there. The Flathead went 73cm and 45cm and the Bream 30cm”. There has also been some beautiful Whiting taken there on yabbies.

By the time you receive this report, the Snapper season should be open once again. With that in mind, we have a full moon on Wednesday 19th August, and the Almanac says our hot time is 20th, 21st, and 22nd August. This would be a great time to have a crack at catching a “knobby”. As I mentioned earlier, many of the ‘old-timers’ start fishing for summer Whiting on Red Beach and the main beach from Ekka day onwards, and for the last 2 years, they have had success with these earlier fish. Why not have a try for our prize-winning Whiting during the above almanac period? Also, tradition says that we usually get cold westerly winds during the Ekka period.

Hopefully, this will be the case this year which should stir up the Tailor once again.

Remember – all very successful anglers vary their methods and locations, so, have a go at the few methods I have mentioned in this and past reports.

All for now.

Keep safe and tight lines