Fishing Report – February 12, 2021


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Hi everyone, hope all is well now with the holidays over we can all get back to normal. Fishing has been excellent after all the rain, plenty of bait around and plenty of fish following. There is still lots of Mackerel around, goodsized School and Spotted to be caught around most markers, live baiting and small metal lures are both catching fish. Top and bottom of the tides best times. Good Mud Crabs and Sand Crabs over the last few weeks, in and around the canals are producing nice sized bucks. Skirmish Point has been firing early mornings with Mackerel, Bream and the odd giant Trevally getting caught. Again, live baits and lures working well. Red Beach has seen good numbers of Flathead on a rising tide, remember not to cast too far as they can be at your feet. Good giant Trevally and big eye Trevally are in and around the creeks chasing the prawns, along with a few Mangrove Jacks, soft plastics and surface lures have been taking fish and night time seems to be better. There are still plenty of Grassy Sweetlip and Squire around the Bribie Bridge, fresh squid is the best bait and top and bottom of the tide has been the best time to target these. Some really good Summer Whiting around the flats at Sandstone Point, White Patch and in the gutters around Woorim down towards 5th Avenue. Live blood worms producing the better catches and again most fish are in close feeding. Anyway, that’s all for now, remember to wet a line and relax