Fishing Report – July 31, 2020


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Despite fairly miserable weather during the last fortnight, the anglers who have braved the conditions have been rewarded with some nice fish.

I can only report what my informants have relayed to me. Once again, Claude has caught some very nice Flathead trolling hard- bodied lures on the banks in front of Pebble Beach, and also in the deeper waters behind the Avon wreck. Danny has also caught some nice Flathead and Bream on soft plastics off the sandbank on the northern side of Pacific Harbour canal entry. Amazingly enough, he also managed to get a half dozen very nice Whiting of 35-39cm in the same location on yabbies. It is important to note that Danny has taken all his fish at night. The proof is in the pudding – a photo of 55cm Flathead and 39cm Whiting. I have also had solid reports of nice Flathead and the odd good Tailor caught at Red Beach on pillies. Fairly sketchy reports of tailor being caught at Skirmish Point, but those that have been taken have been caught in the early morning or late evening and were pretty handy fish. There is quite a lot of bait scattered along the beach close to shore, and with the cold west to south-west winds we have had in the last week or so, one can only expect that the Tailor should show up in numbers in the near future.

Don’t forget that the season is closed now for Snapper and Pearl Perch until midnight on the 16th August, but have a look at the nice Snapper Kelly caught a couple of days before the closure. According to the Almanac, our next ‘hot’ time is the 20th, 21st, and 22nd August. In my last report, I mentioned some nice Squid being taken at night at Creel Bend, and this is still the case. Just remember – these are absolutely delicious, but only take what you can eat so all can enjoy a feed. It would be very remiss of me if I didn’t make mention of the ‘reel’ specials that are on at the moment at Bribie Bait Tackle and Bikes. Come in and grab a bargain while the stocks last.

That’s all for this fortnight. Keep your stories of success rolling in.