VMR Bribie Island


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Green Saturday’s second to last job. An 8.5m half cabin with some electrical issues and they didn’t catch any fish either so not happy fisherman, made it back into Spinnaker before it got dark. Great to see all the guys wearing new life jackets keeping themselves safe on the water.

Green Saturday was tasked to an interesting job. A 26ft sailing boat motor had given up and needed to get to Bribie Gardens which many of you won’t know, is only accessible by a lock. So the vessel folded its mast down so we could get under the bridge, then that made it 36ft!! So, Jonkers Bribie 3 towed the vessel to the lock and each vessel had to enter the lock on their own as there was not enough room for them both. So a lot of man handling of the sailing vessel was done, lots of ropes thrown and in the end the sailing boat was towed safely once on the other side to its pontoon. It took a great deal of team work to make it happen great job Green.

Ben Bosschieter from Maritime Safety Queensland was a special invited guest at the July Committee Meeting to bring the committee and some of the VMR Coxswains who also attended, up to date on the issues and problems that MSQ faces. Discussions were held on ways of helping each other regarding vessels on mooring buoys in the Pumicestone Passage.

State Labor candidate for Pumicestone Ali King along with Kerry Duffy visited VMR Bribie Island on Wednesday morning 15th July 2020. Commodore Liz Radajewski, Secretary and Commercial Coxswain Gary Voss, Radio Operator and Emergency Services Liaison Officer Graham Gibb outlined our operation, highlighted our challenges and conducted a tour of our base and vessels.

Caption On water Night Training for or VMR rescue crews is an essential part of VMR Bribie’s training schedules for all crew members, but safety is always one of our major concerns. So whenever one of our rescue vessel go out day or night, there is always a radio operator to handle their calls. At night there is a call out system for radio operators, the same as for the boat crews, for anyone of our three rescue vessels Bribie 1, Bribie 2 or Jonkers Bribie 3.