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Summer is here! Now is the time to start chasing the big summer whiting that is in numbers around the island. Woorim, Red Beach and the sandbars and gutters around the passage have been producing some quality fish with plenty around the 30 to 45cm mark. Fishing light gear on a rising tide as the water comes in over the sandbars has produced good results.

Baits can range from live or cured beach worms, yabbies, pippies, squid tentacles or even small hard bodies and soft plastics.

Flathead seemed to have slowed down but are still around, fishing the run out tides early morning or late afternoons around yabbie banks and muddy or weedy bottomed areas will get you amongst the fish.  It’s a good idea to walk the area you’re going to fish at low tide to look for flathead holes in the sand. Flathead is ambush fish and keeping baits moving slowly or throwing lures will produce best results.

Drift fishing over the shallows by boat is normally very productive. The best baits for flathead are pilchards, mullet strip, prawns or small live baits. Great success can be had with soft plastics and hard body lures.

Jewfish seem to be coming in fairly regularly with good fish up to and around a metre long, coming from the Bongaree jetty and the bridge pylons at night for those using big live baits such as mullet and squid.

Grunter has started to show up in the deeper gutters and areas of the passage. Drop-offs in the creeks will take a variety of baits.

queensland fishing spots

Featured Image(top of the article and above): Jewfish caught around Bongaree Jetty and the bridge pylons over November.

Bream have slowed but can be still caught all around the island on pretty much any bait or small lures. The canals or rocky ledges and oyster leases are your best bet late afternoon or evenings.

Snapper is around but it can be a bit of hard work to find them. Fish the deeper areas with fish flesh baits, herring hardyheads or squid on a run out tide.

Mackerel are now showing up in good numbers around the channel marker, jetties and bridge pylons. Now is a good time to start targeting mangrove jack. Look for areas holding structure, around mangroves, oyster leases or rocky walls. These are a great sports fish and great on the table, best baits are live baits or lures.

We are finally seeing some quality sand and mud crabs from in and around the passage as the weather and water warms up towards Christmas time.

For those fishing offshore, we have seen some great cod coming in from the deeper holes, ledges, and drop-offs.

We hope everyone enjoys the upcoming summer and festive season and gets out to wet their line! Merry Christmas from all at Bellara Bait and Tackle!

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