Breast health understanding - Breast Cancer Awareness

Being breast aware is about knowing how your breasts look and feel, and knowing what is ‘normal’ for you. While nearly three-quarters of Australian women believe they are breast aware, only 16% have the appropriate knowledge and skills.

We need to ensure we are talking about breast health with family and friends. The right conversations will help build a new generation of women and men who have greater awareness about their breasts.

It’s also important to ensure you‘re confident in identifying any physical changes in your breasts that may be an indication of breast cancer. Confidence comes with learning your breasts through regular checks and knowing what to look for.

Knowing the risk factors for breast cancer and equally knowing the myths around the causes of the disease. It may help lead to early diagnosis in you or someone you know. You should breast check once a month, around the same time in your menstrual cycle, to account for any regular hormonal changes.

Self-checking can alert you to changes in your body that should be examined by a medical professional. If breast cancer is diagnosed and treated in its early stages, the survival rates are improved.

The Breast Screen Queensland mobile service is providing free, high quality, breast cancer screening at the Bribie Island Library from 28 January to 20 February 2020.

Women aged 50 – 74 are strongly encouraged to have a breast screen every two years. Call 13 20 50 or visit the Breast Screen website. This service is provided free to women aged 40 and over. GP referrals are not required.

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