Hormones Creating Havoc???


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Yes, I hear you!!!!! Been down that road and I understand how exhausting it can be, physically, mentally, and emotionally. After months of visiting doctors and getting nowhere fast, just hearing the words “What you are experiencing is normal,” when my whole being felt it was not, I decided it was time to take my health and my hormones into my own hands. Now, I am not saying to ditch your doctor, I suggest medical supervision, though there are times when we need to listen to our inner voice and trust ourselves to assist in the healing process, to be open to treating things in a more natural way, to find out the root cause rather than take another pill to treat the symptom.

Hormones are produced by the endocrine glands, and the hormones travel around our bloodstream, telling our organs and tissues what to do, helping to control many of our body’s natural processes, including reproduction and metabolism.

When we have too much or little of a certain hormone this creates an imbalance, even small changes can create big effects throughout the body. Hormones fluctuate throughout our lifetime, though when they are imbalanced, they can affect our mood, creating mood swings, they can aid in fluid retention, period irregularities, baby blues, irritability, painful periods, loss of libido, hair loss, increased perimenopausal and menopause symptoms, to name a few.

Hormonal imbalances are something that I hear about often, discreetly. Though, sadly, it is not something that is spoken about enough openly among women and their partners.

On the weekend, I got invited to speak to women about their hormones and creating spice in the bedroom. What surprised me was that in a large group of women, women felt awkward, shameful, and isolated with something that is widely experienced in everyday life.

As women, we have disconnected from ourselves and each other.

Women can experience the ups and downs of imbalanced hormones, which affect not only their health but daily life and confidence and when confidence goes out the window, well, it can lead to increased mental health issues such as reduced self-esteem.

Many women, simply suffer silently feeling that experiencing hormonal imbalances are normal. They are not normal, and you can manage your hormones more effectively with diet, stress management and natural plant-based products.

Are you feeling like your hormones are out of balance? Do you suffer from painful periods, PMS, hot flashes, hair loss, lack of libido, baby blues or increased perimenopausal and menopause symptoms?

Want to feel more balanced and at peace within yourself? Reach out and give me a call on 0405 361 882 or send me a message through FB messenger: MariaChristina.Love Always with love, Maria Christina x