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Just this morning, I found myself saying to my daughter, “Do what makes you happy”. Everyone seeks happiness, though what defines happiness can vary from one person to the next. Whilst happiness can be defined differently for us all, it normally involves positive emotions and life satisfaction. For me, happiness is being at peace within myself; I live making a conscious effort to be present on my journey, whether good or what we perceive as the ‘not so pleasant’. When I direct my focus to what brings me joy, finding happiness in the small things, on any given day, can be life-changing, as it enables me to have gratitude, and embrace happiness no matter what the circumstance.

It’s important to feel everything—both the great and not-so-great. It is all a part of life. Identify your feelings, though don’t get attached to that reality. Everything is forever changing, so choose to be happy in every moment, and look for the blessings!

In society today, many are wondering around feeling empty, unfulfilled, and unhappy, feeling “I will be happy when I get this” or “do that”, wanting to fill the void within them. Seeking to fill this so-called ‘void’ with a new car, partner, better house, or the achievement of releasing weight, only to find when they attain the thing of desire, they are happy for a moment, then guess what? … They are back where they started before they achieved what they set out to do.

Why??? Quite simply, because they are seeking outside of themselves. You see, true wealth and happiness really come from within.

When we look for something or someone to make us happy, often the experience is short-term. In order to be truly happy, we must find happiness within ourselves, regardless of conditions.

When we have an uncontrollable appetite for more, our desires multiply and we become blind to what is in front of us. We can get caught up in the cycle of suffering, trying to catch an elusive happiness.

Life happens. If we wait until the conditions are perfect to be happy, we waste precious time. It starts with being at peace within yourself and your surroundings. Enjoy what you have deeply, even the most ordinary moments, because you really don’t know how much they will mean to you in the future Are you feeling empty, unfulfilled, or unhappy? Wanting to find more peace and happiness within yourself and your life? If not now, when? Reach out and give me a call on 0405 361 882 or contact me via Facebook:MariaChristina.Love

Always with love,

Maria Christina x