Life Isn’t Perfect, But Your Make up Can be


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We can all feel a bit of a bite to the air as the winter weather sneaks up on us. You probably are starting to revamp your wardrobe, but your makeup can use a change, too. Adding new winter makeup looks to your repertoire will match in with your new winter wardrobe and tie it all together! Also, in summer your face tends to be more tanned than in winter, so a change in foundation will help avoid the dreaded mask look and give you a much more natural look!

Here are a couple of quick and easy makeup tips to help guide you in creating the look you want for winter!

Of course, how you care for your skin is important, too. Low humidity can lead to dry skin, so you don’t want to apply makeup—especially face powder—over a dried-out complexion. It’s essential to get your skincare routine down pat first for a flawless look.

Preparation before you start applying makeup is key. If you moisturise and prime your skin with radianceboosting products, you’ll get a beautiful sheen. Go over it with a BB cream which is short for Beauty Balm (or some say Blemish Balm) and it takes all the best skin care benefits; hydration, correction, sun protection and a whole heap of other skin-loving bonuses and bottles it up into one easy-to-use product, or even just concealer and you’ll notice the difference. Fill in your brows, apply mascara and a coloured lip-gloss and that’s it.

Black is a stable colour in your wardrobe and the one makeup item that goes perfectly well with it is red lipstick. It instantly elevates anything you’re wearing and makes it partyready. Matte finishes show more texture on your lips, so start by exfoliating your lips, next, apply a bit of any lip balm and then blot. Add a bit of concealer around the mouth to have a really sharp, standout pout. Since red is a bold colour, line your lips first and then fill them in with a matte lip colour of your choice of red. Since that’ll be the focus, keep the eyes neutral or lightly smoked out.

The fastest way to look like you’ve put in more effort than you actually have is by using liquid, metallic shadow all over your lids and then using a matte bronze shade to blend it out in the crease. Put coats and coats of mascara, do a quick glowy base, apply your go-to nude lipstick and you’re done!

Winged eye liner may seem daunting to most people but actually, once you get the hang of it it’s super easy and happens really quickly. If you’re looking for a hack then you can apply tape to either side of your eyes and use it as a stencil. To get the perfect shape, start from the end of the eye and pointing it towards the top of the ears. Then glide the liner inward. If you’re using a pen liner, the more you press down, the thicker your line is, so you’re able to maintain full control.

The trick with a quick smoky eye is to apply jet, black eyeshadow to your upper lash line and then smudge it out using a flat brush the best you can. Then take a neutral brown colour and use it as a transition shade. Coat your lashes with mascara, do your base, apply a brownish nude lipstick and you’ll look like a million bucks.

But most of all, have fun with it! Have a ladies afternoon, swop tips and hints and practice getting your winter look down pat. A couple A couple of wines and great friends, refreshing your look sounds like a fantastic afternoon to me!