Mental Wellness in the Modern World


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Living in today’s called “modern world” has many benefits, technology and medical advancements, to name a few, though there are some downsides too!

Sometimes, I feel we need to go back in time to move forward. To regain old school values, where the art of writing a letter meant something, where life’s pace was slower, where time was more still. Life is fastpaced, and keeping up can leave one feeling stressed and anxious.

Many factors indicate the modern world is more stressful than in the past. We see more people consuming alcohol and the usage of illegal drugs as well as products to help aid sleep. There are also more people taking prescribed medication for such things as anxiety and depression and seeking support to manage their life more effectively.

Mental illness is on the increase and refers to various health conditions involving changes in thinking, behaviours as well as emotions. It can impact the person as an individual as well as their relationships with others. It can affect daily functioning, social, work and family activities as well as the ability to make healthy choices.

I often get asked what is normal, and to explain that is more complex to define in today’s changing world. Perhaps, a person that can manage themselves and their everyday environment, in a typical way, allowing a person to function to be in balance.

A person who is open to working with others and new experiences, meaning that at times one will have to exercise flexibility and understand that life is forever changing and has its ups and downs, sometimes these times are managed with ease or can be stressful, though this is part of life. Someone that can express themselves in a positive way, enjoys life and is able to balance and harmonise with others, in a kind and thoughtful way.

We can all suffer moments of stress, anxiety, or a blue day, though it’s the ability to cope and navigate through the situation that makes all the difference. Two people can experience the same thing but view it very differently, depending on what they feel about the stressor.

How the individual perceives the situation plays greater importance than the objective facts of the event, this helps minimise stress.

During times of overwhelm, having practises in place that can help you navigate your way through challenging times can make all the difference. As a holistic therapist, I work with the whole person which includes the mind body and spirit, giving people the tools to empower themselves and take back control of their life. Want some help? Give me a call on 0405 361 882 or connect through FB: MariaChristina.

Love Always with love,
Maria Christina x