Your Prescription for Less Stress & More Freedom


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Are you having trouble remembering to take your medication regularly? do you take a number of medications at different times of the day? Making sure that you take your medication exactly the way your doctor or pharmacist advises you is important, missed doses or extra doses can worsen your health, cause accidents or falls and have adverse effects.

Taking the right dose of your medication at the right time, and according to how it was prescribed, can help you feel and stay well. Practicing medication adherence assures the maximum beneficial impact of the medicines you take.

At Bribe Community Pharmacy we can help make the process easier. We offer the choice of a medication roll, which is easy to use and very compact, or a Webster pack, fantastic if you have eyesight troubles. There are some real benefits of using our Dosage Administration Aids, whether that be a medication roll or Webster pack

  • All of your medications in one place
  • Simple to use with doses sorted by day and time
  • No more packaging or bottles
  • Easy to see if you’ve taken your medication.
  • Gives peace of mind to relatives, carers and loved ones.
  • Sealed and secure to prevent spills or mix ups Great for travel or going out for the day.

No need to take your medication boxes or bottles as your medication pack is convenient and portable. Regain your control over your medications. You can collect your pack from our friendly team in store, or it can be delivered to your home. Each medication pack is quality checked by a pharmacist and we let you know when you will need prescriptions. Changes to your medications by your doctor can be accommodated the same day or for your next pack if not urgent. Ask our pharmacist Darryl how he can save you time each day, increase your independence and quality of life