Bribie Respite & Support Services


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For carers, respite is an opportunity to recharge & refresh, catch up friends, go to a movie, have a night out or just sleep in.

Since appearing in the Bribie Islander, Bribie respite and support services have received positive feedback from clients and carers within the community. with many choosing to make an appointment to discuss their needs & inspect the respite home.

Respite is typically assumed to be overnight however at Bribie Respite & Support Services we also offer the use of the respite house during the day, for those carers just needing to tend to their own appointments or events which don’t require overnight support in every instance.

Respite, it’s good for you, your family and as NDIS clients using respite services, clients get to have a change from the usual routines, do something different, safely explore independence, develop new skills and maybe meet some new friends. Bookings are filling fast.