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It is 4 am on Woorim Beach Anzac morning and locals meet

They gather around the memorial shrine

It is dark no wind heads bowed in time

All over world this ceremony is special

To honour our men and women in life’s perial

The bugle is played and the silence is deep

As we stand and reflect the suffering defeat

Our men and women who gave their lives

On foreign soil on the other side

They did not know what lay ahead

But gave their lives so we could spend

A place in the sun where we are free

Laying wreaths and red poppy seed

Families gather as we do each year

To pay their respects to the soldiers with no fear

For the freedom we experience in our daily lives

Carved the future in Australia for our children’s time

We hear the waves crash onto the beach

Like the broken bodies and dreams incomplete

We marvel at their strength and determination

And thank them for our own salvation

So it is important that this service is here

The ocean and Woorim Beach a perfect backdrop it is clear

Ceremonies and services should stay where they belong

Anzac day and that song

So The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

We hum the words and reflect our thoughts and loss

It touches our hearts and minds

For the soldiers that were tossed

Into a trench and barb wire or ocean

Knowing their spirit will never be broken

We did not have the bells and whistles

The important speeches and guests

All we had was a group of people

With a heart in their chests Anzac Day has come and gone

But the memory will never fade

The Australian Flag was perfectly still

As we wiped our tears and waved

Written by Sharmayne Kurtz 25/4/2018


Mist-touched rays of sunshine

Piercing through the dark green leafy canopies

Of the trees lining the road, Rays which would be imperceptible

If it were not for the morning mist Straight and true, narrow from the source

And widening towards where they kiss the road.

Reminding one of personal feelings, secret and hidden away

Until the gentle touch of someone who cares, Revealing thoughts and desires

Which had lain dormant, perhaps for many years.

The tops of the trees opening and embracing those rays

Permitting them to penetrate deeply

Allowing a glimpse into their innermost being, Unafraid of what the future may bring,

Tenderly embracing….

Bringing a sensual sensation into a silent and private world.

And as the sun reaches ever higher in the heavens

The rays deplete and disappear

Only to be reawakened with the next morning mist,

Ready and expectant To receive the sun’s mist-touched rays,

Lovingly still and quiet, Birthing a brand new day.

By Hazel King


I love to go a cruising to sail the oceans wide

I love that we can make new friends and leave the World behind and best of all it’s paid for when you shuffle on board ship your beds are made, your food supplied, the crew are really quick.

They’ll so your bedding with a smile and all get on together they come from all parts of the World they always watch the weather and if the waves start to swell and people fall about they’ve even got some doctors and you can give them a shout

It’s great to see the families all having time together the kids are laughing, never bored the parents are in heaven!

The memories are amazing The islands and the lands, it makes you know you’re lucky that we’ve got so much on hand and yet we haven’t seemed to find the contentment they have found to the family means so much and it comes before the pound

They have a faith that’s really strong and children always wanted

They never need the child care centres and aged-care homes unheard of I think we can learn so much from them and even crew on-board how to love each other unconditionally it has its own reward!

By Lurline Thompson


Beautiful day at the seaside, An unmistakable pungent aroma hanging in the air

As it does when the tide is out.

Spidery fingers of an ocean pine brushing the air,

Weaving about in a melodic symphony

As the sea breeze breathes its refreshing breath

Through the tendrils of the pine needles.

The Glasshouse Mountains in the distance,

Outlined against a pale winter’s sky,

The peaks thrusting skywards,

As if thirsting for cool weather rains,

Mountains enshrouded in a blue mist mysterious and foreboding

Since the beginning of time.

There is a peace and silence in the park

In the early morning, uncluttered by human intrusion,

Releasing the tension and stress of the past week.

The muffled throb of motorboats passing far off Breaking into one’s reveries.

The brilliantly coloured sails of a sailing ship Silently and swiftly gliding by,

Followed by all manner of watercraft enjoying the water

And the favourable weather.

Then the tide begins to come in Quickly covering the sand and exposed rocks,

The gentle waves lapping on the shore

Bringing yet another dimension of peace and serenity,

Creating a healing balm For one’s soul and body.

By Hazel King

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