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Friday, February 22, 2019
poetry rhymes lyrics

Mad Poets Society Feb 18th 2019

Tags: Poetry. Poems. Poets. A little boy’s left hand Just hit me in the face The sun is up now Nanna he said I try to handle this with grace I really do not think so I reply...
poetry rhymes lyrics


RUDOLFS BLANK FACE Rudolf is hanging by a piece of string His face is blank no mouth or eyes he cannot see a thing The nose jaw and mouth move separate from his head I hope someone buys...
poetry rhymes lyrics

Mad Poets Society – Oct 2018

Tags: Poems. Rhymes. Riddles An Essential Tool Everybody needs one: this fabulous device. If I could get one somewhere, I’d be finished in a trice, But no matter how I try, I can’t find one anywhere. They no longer...
poetry rhymes lyrics

Mad Poets Society – Poems, rhymes and riddles – Oct 2018

Tags: Poems. Rhymes. Riddles. Poetry THE MOUNTAIN JOURNEY Clouds hang onto the conifer trees Shades of colours with different hues Copper yellow red black and blue Transform your energy and there is no going back Misty mountain waterfalls and peaks...
Poems. Riddles. Rhymes. Lyrics. Poets. Poetry

Mad Poets Society – Poems, Rhymes and Riddles

MAD MAX CAMP They are yellow blue green and red With big wide tyres full of tread Tents and swags eskys and bait Driving down North Street to Woorim Beach access gate The weekend warriors heading down the street The...
poetry rhymes lyrics

Mad poets society – Poems, Rhymes and Riddles – August 2018

WITHOUT LOVE Without love, our world would be an empty place No hands stretched out in friendship Only frowns upon each face. No happy sounds of laughter To brighten up each day No warmth of friendly people Greeting us along the...
poetry rhymes lyrics

MAD POETS – Rhymes, riddles and poems

THE PEOPLE ON THE LAND I’ve heard the tales of sacrifice, since on my granny’s knee, then later from my mother, about how it used to be. I heard of all their struggles, to keep the farm aloft, of backs and...
Poems. Riddles. Rhymes. Lyrics. Poets. Poetry

MAD POETS – Poems, Rhymes and Riddles – Aug 2018

YOGA BEND Now I have been teaching Yoga 29 years It has not dated or disappeared You can learn to balance breath and stop Harness your mind and stop eating slop Educate your brain and learn about a culture No need...
Poems. Riddles. Rhymes. Lyrics. Poets. Poetry

Even More Poems, rhymes and Riddles.

Tags: Poems. Rhymes. Lyrics. MAD POETS SOCIETY THE BAND PLAYED WALTZING MALTILDA It is 4 am on Woorim Beach Anzac morning and locals meet They gather around the memorial shrine It is dark no wind heads bowed in time All...
Poems. Riddles. Rhymes. Lyrics. Poets. Poetry

Poems Rhymes and Riddles

Tags: Poems. Rhymes. Poets. MAD POETS SOCIETY THE LORIKEETS The sun is setting this afternoon Moreton Bay is in full view From my veranda by the sea The view of the ocean and the smell in the breeze The...

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