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I’ve heard the tales of sacrifice,

since on my granny’s knee,

then later from my mother,

about how it used to be.

I heard of all their struggles,

to keep the farm aloft,

of backs and spirits broken,

it wasn’t for the soft.

Granny was a pioneer,

she grew up city-raised,

but when she won a raffle,

she took off for the fray.

That raffle was a land deal,

One thousand acres bush,

the only catch to all of this,

was clear all the trees and brush.

So grandpa and my uncles went,

off to find their land,

they walked for miles and set up camp,

and the kids all gave a hand.

Then grandma and the little kids,

they followed on behind,

they all set ‘round a roaring fire,

and heard the dingos’ whine,

Next morning Gramps got busy,

he set the tents up well,

and later he would build,

a hut of bark and trees he felled,

Then he built the Homestead,

with the verandahs all around,

he even had an orchard,

and river on the land,

When Gran discovered there was no school,

Grampa and all the neighbours,

decided they would build one there,

and then they hired the teachers.

With bush-fires,

floods and death so close,

somehow they carried on,

Through two world wars and troubles,

their mighty spirit shone,

The old folks now are all no more,

It’s up to us to spread the word,

the farmers need our help right now,

I guess you have heard.

So dig deep into your pockets,

you city folk and young,

the farmers toiled so long and hard,

to make this land our home.

Lurline Thomson


After years spent in nurturing, shaping and guiding you,

The time has come for you to leave the nest.

Your departure will leave a gaping void in my heart

Which you have filled with your love and happiness

And the joy of seeing you grow and mature

Through your formative years……..

Now you have left – I miss the sound of your voice, the singing, the comradery

Knowing when you would be around

Sometimes anxiously awaiting the sounds of your arrival late in the evening,

Seeing your things around the house

And sharing your day’s activities which you eagerly related.

Even though you have taken a new path to independence

There is a bond between us never to be severed

No matter what lies ahead

A bond of love which grew during your developing years

A bond which will only strengthen as time passes.

Our relationship is entering a wonderful new phase,

A growth and maturity to handle anything life brings,

Making independent decisions which will shape your future.

I miss you child of mine, Become the person you are destined to be, Go with my love.

By Hazel King

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