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Without love, our world would be an empty place

No hands stretched out in friendship

Only frowns upon each face.

No happy sounds of laughter

To brighten up each day

No warmth of friendly people

Greeting us along the way.

No thoughtful things are done

Such as a note to tell a friend

That we are thinking of them

As along life’s way we wend.

No joy in seeing flowers

Which you’ve tenderly sought to grow

Or to see a beautiful butterfly

As through your day you go.

No children playing gaily

Laughing and enjoying life

Only a dark and dreary world

Full of sadness, trouble and strife.

Yes a joyless world we’d have

If there was no love to be found

Yet One came years ago

With love, His heart did abound.

Greater love no man can have

That He should give His life for them

There was One Who did you know

He was born in Bethlehem.

He came to live among us

Knew each of us personally

He knew how He had to suffer

To give life to you and me.

Yes He knew how He’d have to suffer

And still be spurned by some

What love that Jesus felt

To do this for everyone.

Yes, He came for all of us here

Won’t you invite Him into your heart

He’s waiting for each of you

His great love to impart.

I see tears well in His eye

As He watches from above Yes, it would be an empty world

Without His wonderful love.

By Hazel King


The dream has gone…..

But before the flickering flame of hope is quenched and dies,

It begins to rise again,

Knowing that tomorrow is a new day bright and clear,

Bringing with it new hope, new vision and a new dream.

The dream of a restful haven

In a small piece of paradise Near the waters’ edge,

The undulating waves lapping on the shore,

Creating a peace and tranquility

Which swathes the body in a cloak of serenity,

Wrapping the body,

Protecting from the cares and stressors of daily living.

One drinks it in hungrily

Liked a parched soul in a desert of tension and frustration.

This dream may have passed

But every day brings new opportunities

To renew thoughts, desires and wishes,

And brings one closer

To making that dream a reality.

Never give up! Just forge ahead

Determining that this loss brings you one step closer

To realizing that dream!!

By Hazel King

Beautiful Bribie

A little piece of heaven,

Tucked away to be enjoyed.

Sitting on the beach, Listening to the waves, froth tipped

And crashing on the shore.

Washing the sand, leaving it smooth and imprint free,

Then retreating back into the ocean,

Again lifting skywards to return once more

In a constant tidal cycle.

Sand, pock-marked by an early morning shower,

Damp grains clinging tenaciously to everything it touches,

The sand a beautiful shade of creamy white

Broken by the tough beach grasses fusing it to the shore

So that it may not slip away

And be enveloped once more into the hungry mouth of the sea.

Early morning beach wanderers

Towel-enshrouded to protect against the rays of the sun,

Strolling the shore

Enjoying the peaceful surroundings,

And the mystical magic of the rolling surf

Muting a cacophony of everyday sounds,

Broken occasionally by the screeching of gulls

As they watch intrepid fishermen,

Hoping for some tender morsel to come their way.

Serenity and tranquillity abounds

Bathing one is a soft mantle of peace

Helping to relieve the stressors of everyday living.

Yes, Bribie is indeed very beautiful

And a wee slice of paradise To relish, savor and enjoy.

By Hazel King

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