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I’m watching a Mother bird

Sitting on her eggs

Only moving occasionally

To stretch her legs

She’ll stay there and stay there

Until they hatch

Her nurturing and dedication

Nothing can match

She’ll feed and protect them

Until they can fly

Then she’ll send them into the world

With just a tender goodbye

But watch, she’ll return again

Next breeding season

With love and commitment

As her only reason




Now if I was a tree

I could be a towering eucalypt

All mighty and strong

At least I’d never be nondescript

Or maybe a palm tree

Basking in the sun

Living somewhere tropical

That could be fun

Or a stunning jacaranda

All dressed up in purple

Its grace and its beauty

Are truly universal

Or I could be an apple tree

Covered in delicious fruit

I would certainly be popular

I think that would be beaut

But when all is said and done

I think that if I was a tree

I would just want to be nurtured

And to live my life happy


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