Mad Poets Society April 2019

By The Bribie Islander Gloss Magazine


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Clouds are low grey and blue

The ocean gathers its colour and hue

Storm approaching on the rise

Beach sand blowing on the high tide

Down pour of rain mist hangs low

Sun comes out and the circle grows

On the horizon a freight ship glides

Centre stage as it floats by Auras of colour only nature provides

The band a rainbow so big and wide

It starts at the horizon and touches the sky

Finishing in the sea near Bribie Isle

Moreton Bay is the showcase of life

While the Island sits in the cloud like sky

Seas are rough white caps peak

Sea gulls glide on the thermal streak

Sun capturing the white of their breasts

Silver wings looking for their nests

Two Mothers play with their children on the beach

Wind playing with their hair and feet

Weather is dictating for them to go

But they stay and hang on to view the show

Light so bright colour so rich

God’s enchantment auras so crisp

Another rainbow inside the first

Beginning and starting on water and earth

I scan the landscape and cannot believe

The presence the light the intensity perceived

Moreton Bay just dressed to please

Oh how I wish I could capture this

The colour the light and the evening mist

By Sharmayne Kurtz 2/05/2012


I’d love to be on Eddie’s show,

But I don’t know how to do it, Every arvo.

Sees me there, yelling out “I know it !”

The answers seem so obvious,

I get so downright mad, that they don’t know, and yet I do, it’s really all quite sad.

I hear when Eddy tells them, “come back and try again,

I yell out through the television,

“when’s my chance to win”.

It’s not really all the money,

though I admit that would be nice,

And I guess I’d like the challenge,

of taking off the prize. But wouldn’t I just feel a “Dill”,

If I made it to the show,

froze up and couldn’t answer,

how my shame would grow.

Then of course so I’ve heard,

You gain 5 pounds in weight,

Those sneaky cameras, gosh that’s bad,

I think that I’ll just wait.

So here I am each evening,

Yelling answers left and right, at least I’m in my lounge-room

And I can look a fright.

by Lurline Thomson


It was a day like any other.

In that peaceful New Zealand.

And people went about their work and mother’s held kid’s hands

Suddenly the call came out, for “Muslims come to prayer”

They filed into two different mosques and bowed and listened there.

Abdul couldn’t go that day,

He had to do a job,

He had ten men that worked for him, so couldn’t let them down.

His father, loyal New Zealander, and a help to all mankind said son

“Do you mind, I’ll take the boy the prayers it will calm his mind.

But eyes were watching, just nearby,

He couldn’t wait to start,

A slaughter that went on and on, for his:

“New Right” brothers, he really did his part.

The old man died, and the boy, other children too, women, men and families, were caught up in it too.

A beautiful man got many out,

He really was a hero,

So many more would have died that day, except for people like him.

When he finished saving people, he went to find his wife,

The policeman shook his head, so sad,

“Sir, I’m afraid she’s lost her life.”

The Prime Minister with her courage and love for all,

Inspired the good in us, she comforted all in a humble way, with very little fuss.

As for the Australian,

from Grafton town,

he came,

but he is one of many,

who with evil,

seek out fame.

They all can reach the “Hate Groups,” and know where to get the guns.,

They just use the internet and talk all night as one.

“cause hate is just a sickness”, and radicals will use,

Any means they can, to destroy what we hold dear.

by Lurline Thomson

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