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Clouds hang onto the conifer trees
Shades of colours with different hues
Copper yellow red black and blue
Transform your energy and there is no going back
Misty mountain waterfalls and peaks keep you on track
Massive glaciers where rivers meet
Snow-capped mountains with grizzly bear retreats
Yellow flowers that dance and sway
To the braided rivers on the
Rocky Mountain way
Slate and limestone massive rocks
Encase this mountain it is Gods block
To stand on a glacier at 12,000 ft
Makes you realise that life is sweet
The energy and power this landscape creates
Allows your jaw to drop and gap
Mother Nature creates and evolves
Like the salmon that spawn up the river in the fall
Bears and wolves the keepers of the gate
Allow a balance and a space
Everything that is born is a food chain and source
To the creatures that live on the forest floor
Glaciers bend and move as the mountains allow them to retreat and cool
Soft powder of snow ice drops below
Cracking and splitting with such force
The aqua silk water makes its course
To the rapids in the rivers onto oceans and the open sea
Pure stream water right in front of me
Ice chunks below create respite as they flow
Eagles sit quietly seals lie politely
On the particles of ice and snow
The mountains are shrouded by white clouds hanging low
The grandeur is captivating the colours are intense
Sunlight leaves to change the mood spent
The wind whips up and it starts to rain
The mountains are releasing cloud like steam from a train
We stand and watch this magical scene
Of natures best present so pristine
Sharmayne Kurtz


Refreshingly sweet
Pouring its life-giving covering,
Cleansing, purifying and encouraging new growth.
Covering like a bridal veil
All in its way.
Enfolding, enshrouding
Everything in it’s watery path.
Cleansing the green leafy canopies of the trees.
Birds and wildlife stretching dust-covered limbs,
Welcoming the cool touch of the reviving waters,
Taking shelter amongst the grey and green
appendages of the trees,
Droplets of rain flowing down their waterproof attire.
Then just as suddenly as it began
The rain stops and
The sun begins to shine,
Drying out the once parched earth’s surface,
Bringing new life and a cleanliness not yet marred
By passing traffic
Hurling dust particles
High into the air
To settle once more
On everything it’s misty fingers touch.
But for the moment
Everything is now revitalized,
Restored, rejuvenated and refreshed
After the rain.
By Hazel King


Watching winter breezes stir and ruffle the river’s waters
Smooth in places, mottled elsewhere where the wind’s touch is firmer,
Causing the water to dance to a wintery sonata.
Dappled light shining softly through trees
Swaying to the symphony of the wind.
Joggers rugged up against the chilly weather,
Faces brightly flushed as the wind caresses their cheeks,
Breath visible as it leaves the warmth of their bodies
And ventures forth into the cool morning air.
Dogs leashed to their masters’ hands
Straining against the bonds
Longing to break free and run ahead in happy abandonment.
Grey hued gum tree trunks, one side lit by the morning sun
Darker greys where the warmth of the sun has not yet reached.
Beautiful winter’s morn
Bringing life and vitality to those who dare venture out.
And behind glassed enclosures
Others drinking in the warmth
Protected from the chill of the winter’s wind.
A perfect winter’s day
To be enjoyed and embraced…….
By Hazel King

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