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A little boy’s left hand Just hit me in the face

The sun is up now

Nanna he said I try to handle this with grace

I really do not think so I reply only half awake

I think it’s only restless

Because it needs a bathroom break

This logic doesn’t sit well

With a 5 year old whose wide eyed

So my feet are now upon the floor I think…oh well…I tried

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning

And everyone else is sleeping snuggly

I’m starving he says with an outside voice

My tummy is really rumbly

So I feed the little cherub

And as I walk around all groggy

He tells’ll be happy soon

Just make yourself some coffee




I am on my bike heading over the track

It is holiday time and the Island is packed Holiday makers and day trippers as well

The Island is busy and the water is swell

I look to my right and I am passing the gardens

Where our friend Ross ashes are silently guarded

Life is not the same since he passed on

So I give him a wave and ride on I cycle to Bongaree and view the passage

People picnicking with a lay back message

Boats are bobbing to and fro

As the clam waters of the Pumicestone flow

The view to the Glasshouse is quiet breath taking

The passage meanders like a serpent waking

Nothing much has changed in 40 years

Just the cars people and their camping gear

The Island is still the same with the magic that it weaves

Pure clean water and a beautiful sea breeze

Meandering pathways with a view that takes your breath

This must be heavens treasure chest I hop on the bike and get back on the track Woorim beach about 6k back

Passing the Memorial Gardens I cannot believe my eyes Gamping in the carpark is Mr and Mrs Wait Awhile

She is in a hammock while he sets up camp I stop and look at their water tank

Two people can camp and make hanky panky In front of the Memorial Gardens Ross will be cranky

So I go on over to inform them they are lost

They pretend not to see me could not give a toss

Out comes the IPhone and they pack up and split

People like this I just love them to bits

I emailed the Council to see what they would do

Nothing as usual Ross is screwed

I ask for No Camping Signs to be erected

So the people in the gardens will not be affected

But it baffles me why campers pay

For a car and a caravan just to stay

At the dead end of town with no view

Not give a toss about who is who Gamp or camp and live high on the hog

Just so they save a few bob

By Sharmayne Kurtz 12/1/2019


As I sit here in silence

Enveloped in reflection

I realise that I am human

Made up by imperfection

I could spend so many hours

And try to right the wrongs

Or accept the way things have worked out

And in the present moment just belong

Because if time is something that’s all we have

Then we should definitely not waste it

Life is there to be loved and lived

So be happy…drink it in..don’t just taste it



I get excited By just waking up

Then I’m overcome with joy

When I see coffee in my cup I get excited

When I hear it rain I love to go walking in it

Again and again I get excited

When I see monkeys of any kind I want to take them all home

And not leave any behind I get excited

When my grandchildren visit

Their laughter and their cuddles I love every minute I get excited

When my dog runs to greet me

With a wet sloppy kiss I enjoy it completely I get excited

By simple things you see I don’t need money to buy happiness

The best things in my life are free


When I wake up The sun is gold

But my bones they creak

And I feel so old I go to the sink

To wash my face

And see my skin is all wrinkled

And so out of place I brush my hair

And find one’s that are grey I try pulling them out

To make them go away

Then I hear a song on the radio

That is really upbeat

And I start dancing around

Feeling so light on my feet

My dog runs to greet me

Full of smiles and good cheer

Suddendly I’m so full of energy

Like a newborn baby deer I guess the moral of this tale

Is to not let age get in your way

Because it’s the joy you feel in your heart

That will keep the years at bay



You’ve heard the old saying

That money is the root of all evil

Whether you have too much or not enough

It causes nothing but upheaval

We can’t get by without it

Although I wish that we could

If our currency was generosity

Then we’d all live as we should

There ain’t no free lunch

That’s what people say

But kindness costs nothing

At the end of the day

So give it some thought

And when your woes are financial

Make your transactions with love

And your rewards will be substantial


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